Compact Waterless Restroom with Storage Room

Custom Waterless Restroom – San Diego, CA

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The Project

San Diego County needed to supply a waterless restroom at the parking and trailhead staging area in El Capitan Park. The project required a state-of-the-art waterless facility, as it was impossible to get water, sewer, or electrical services to the remote location. The county, however, wanted a one-of-a kind, custom design building that was in keeping with the natural surroundings, and would be beautiful and inviting to the park patrons as well. The County also needed a substantial storage room for park maintenance equipment and vehicles.

The Solution

Romtec was thrilled with the idea of designing a unique vault restroom, as these are often seen as “cookie-cutter” buildings with no potential for architectural originality. The county was giving Romtec a chance to show that a waterless restroom could also be a statement in design, sustainability, and environmental friendliness. Romtec designed the El Capitan vault restroom and storage building specifically for this beautiful park and trailhead. They designed a unique roof structure using brown three-tab shingles, including a rough-sawn lumber truss detail, and privacy wall. The exterior would have a stone veneer wainscoting with split-face tan block. Romtec provided full double doors to the storage and maintenance room, allowing not only for tools and equipment but also small vehicles for park and trail maintenance. The results are stunning and the building is quickly becoming one of the most requested design schemes by new customers in need of a waterless facility, with the standard SST technology, but with a look usually associated with restrooms having full plumbing and electrical capabilities. San Diego County and Romtec have proven that waterless can be convenient, functional, easy to maintain, and beautiful all at the same time.

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