Thermally Insulated Panel

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Romtec’s Evergreen SIP (ES) models are pre-engineered and environmentally friendly public restrooms that are cost effective. Our ES models resemble our traditional concrete restroom buildings in form and function, but the supply package, construction, and usage can be distinctive with the full breadth of Romtec’s green options. These ADA restroom buildings are designed to operate efficiently and effectively over the extended life-cycle of the building.

Thermally Insulated Panel

Structural Insulated Panels

The first hallmark of our Evergreen SIP models is the tilt-up SIP construction. SIPs are “structural insulated panels.” This building material is created by using a substance such as polystyrene (Styrofoam) and sheathing it with a veneer material such as OSB (oriented strand board). Using a pre-engineered building drawing, SIPs are prefabricated with all of the window and door openings and electrical chases pre-cut. On-site, the SIPs are tilted-up into place and fastened. This construction method is extremely fast and increases the strength and durability of a restroom building.

SIPs offer benefits beyond just the speed and quality of construction. The polystyrene core of a SIP is a tremendous insulator; it is similar to the engineering of a cooler. In construction, this is what’s called the R-Value, or thermal resistance, of the building. SIP construction also has better airtightness than traditional construction methods, limiting air infiltration into the restroom or storage building. These qualities decrease the amount of energy that is required to air condition an ES restroom building in very hot or very cold climates.

Additional Energy Efficient Options

Romtec’s ES models can include any of a number of energy efficient options. An increasingly popular option is to include solar panels to meet the electrical needs of the restroom. Romtec has supplied solar packages on numerous restroom projects. Solar packages are becoming continuously more affordable and powerful, increasing the popularity of this technology in restroom design.

The final advantage of Romtec’s ES models is the complete range of energy efficient electrical and plumbing options. For low-cost and energy efficient electrical options, Romtec can supply options such as motion-detect lighting, LED bulbs, or high-speed hand dryers. Romtec can also supply low-cost and efficient fixtures such as waterless urinals, low-flow toilets, or touchless faucets. These options can be easily tailored to meet each customer’s specific environmental goals.

LEED Certification

An ES restroom building from Romtec is a great way to gain points toward LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Our options represent the best technologies available in energy efficient restroom design. This also includes modern practices such as “living roofs.” Romtec has completed restroom and pavilion projects that use living roofs on our ES and standard models. These types of buildings are as unique and beautiful as they are environmentally friendly.

More and more projects across the country are trending toward environmentally friendly design practices. This is because green buildings like Romtec’s ES models are becoming more affordable and can cost less to maintain over their life-cycle than traditional structures. For more information about Romtec’s ES models or other green design questions, please contact us to talk to one of our experience sales personnel.

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