Getting the Best Vault Toilets & Waterless Restrooms

Waterless Restroom on Golf Course without Need for Plumbing

Romtec has installed many waterless restroom buildings across the country. They are located in many national and state parks, tourist destinations, and popular recreation sites. These projects are typically located in remote areas of the country where utilities are not available. Even in these rustic environments, waterless restroom facilities don’t have to look cheap and plain. Many of these parks are valuable resources, both in terms of natural beauty and in tourism revenue. As such, public restroom facilities play an important role in representing the culture surrounding any park or recreation site. Here are some good things to keep in mind for your waterless restroom or vault toilet.

In terms of functionality, design details like capacity, storage, and maintenance are all important considerations. The functionality of your vault toilet building is paramount to providing a high-quality public restroom. Romtec offers many types of building designs to improve the functionality of remote public restrooms. Skylights can be an effective way to add natural lighting to a waterless restroom, or Romtec can also include solar panels to offer lighting for longer hours of operation. With options to increase the vault size or include locked storage space, Romtec waterless restrooms have many functional design options to improve your building.

Steep Pitch Roof on Waterless Restroom

Capturing the aesthetics of your park or recreation site is always appreciated by visitors. There are many parks with “no-frills” restrooms, but these facilities can be unbecoming of popular locations. It is more common to see highly visited areas prioritize building aesthetic options to please its visitors and enhance the experiences at their location. Romtec offers all types of exterior and interior design options for vault toilets. We offer log porches, stone siding, shake roofing, and many, many other choices. We can even match existing structures at your location, especially those with historical or cultural significance. Waterless restrooms should not only function well, they should also be great-looking public restrooms.

One final consideration is the expected traffic to the new waterless restroom. A single vault toilet from Romtec can replace over 10 portable bathroom units. For trailheads and rural recreation sites, a single waterless restroom can be a dramatic improvement. Other facilities like military bases or golf courses can serve large volumes of traffic. In these locations, Romtec has 2-room, 3-room, 4-room, and 6-room waterless restrooms. With this selection of standard floor plans, you can be sure your restroom will be perfect for any amount of traffic. Romtec can also design and supply custom floor plans for unique projects.

Set of Matching Vault Restrooms in National Forest

Vault restrooms are an important part of infrastructure throughout America’s parks and recreation system. There are large areas of this country that do not have access to a sewer system or a water supply, and Romtec waterless restrooms are one of the best products for these applications. Our waterless restroom will include any option you need to get a fully functional restroom that looks great and that can meet the demands of your site. Take a look are our waterless restrooms product page to view our standard configurations, and if you have questions about a custom design, construction/installation, or anything else, call our Sales Team to get started on your project!

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