Information Center at Sycamore Grove Park

Convenient Weather Station in Park

Romtec works with many different clients to design and supply buildings and structures for all types of applications. Many buildings we design must overcome unique challenges to provide the most functionality. One project that required an innovative approach was a new information center at Sycamore Grove Park in Livermore, California. Romtec partnered with Livermore Area Parks & Recreation District (LAPRD) to design a building that would resolve security concerns for equipment, match an established building theme at the park, and provide a comfortable office space for on-site personnel.

The primary function of the new building is to serve as a manned information center where staff can interact with park visitors. The building design is similar to a gatehouse structure with a modest interior office space. On-site personnel can sit comfortably inside the conditioned space and speak with visitors through either one of two sliding windows: one small window on the back of the building and one large concession style window on the side. Romtec designed this building to fully integrate with telecommunications equipment for phone and internet access. These modern amenities support one of the other key features of the building, an electronic terminal at the front of the building.

Interactive Computer terminals are a great way to distribute information when personnel are not directly available. The terminal at Sycamore Grove Park is connected to the internet and provides visitors with real-time weather conditions in the park and other information about the area. One challenge of offering this technology is protecting it from vandalism and other damage, especially after-hours when supervision is limited. Romtec’s solution was to make a retractable stainless steel counter where the terminal could be mounted. This allows the counter to be extended from the building to provide ADA access to the terminal during operating hours. When the building is locked at night, the counter can be pushed in and locked, and the terminal sits behind the roll-up door protecting the window. This was a cost-effective solution that used existing security equipment to protect the building’s unique additions.

Man Using Weather Station in Nature Park

The final design requirement that Romtec had to meet was to match the new building to existing restrooms onsite. Prior to supplying this information building, Romtec designed and installed two public restroom buildings, one waterless and one plumbed facility, for the parks entrances. Matching building aesthetics is one of Romtec’s specialties, especially when we match our own building designs. Using documentation from the previous restroom projects, the information center exterior was designed with a cultured stone wainscot, cedar board & batten walls, and brown metal roofing. Additionally, all three buildings feature extended roofs to provide shelter from the sun and weather protection during winter months.

Attractive Visitor Information Center Building

The new information center at Sycamore Grove Park is a great example of a parks & recreation department utilizing our customizable approach and buying a building that meets its unique requirements. Romtec can fully integrate all telecommunications, electrical, and mechanical equipment into your building design to ensure it functions as intended. Our in-house design team handles unique design requirements every day, and using their knowledge and experience ensures our customers get the building they need every time. Contact Romtec today and get started on your buildings design!

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