Lighting Options in Buildings & Structures

Romtec is a designer, supplier, and installer of buildings and structures for many different applications, including outdoor recreation spaces and public parks. Many of these buildings and structures require some form of lighting for the exterior of building and for the interior spaces. There are many lighting options available and Romtec’s design flexibility allows any of these options to be included. Lighting may be a small part in the total design of the building or structure, but can have a significant impact on visual appeal, functionality, and even security. This blog will cover some of the options available and the advantages they offer.

Concession Restroom Interior with Steel Sink FRP Siding

One of the first things to consider when selecting light fixtures is when they are needed. Public restrooms and other public use facilities require some form of lighting for interior spaces, whether natural or artificial, powered lights may not always need to be in use. Making use of natural lighting with skylights and windows can lead to energy savings and be visually appealing. Supplementing natural light with light fixtures is almost always necessary, but photocells can be used to have lights only activate when needed to ensure that interior spaces always have adequate lighting. Lights can even be controlled remotely or set on timers to automatically shut off when the facility is closed. Interior lighting is relatively consistent throughout many public buildings, but when considering exterior lighting there are a number of advantages and configurations available.

Providing adequate exterior lighting offers multiple advantages for owners and visitors alike. Well lit areas are often perceived as more secure compared to unlit areas. Vandalism and other unfavorable activities are often deterred when a building is clearly visible, especially if security cameras monitor the area. Installing motion activated lights can boost security by drawing attention to activity around the building. Police and security personnel can easily monitor the building. Photocells are frequently used for outdoor lighting to automate the process of switching on and off lights in 24-hour-use facilities, saving energy when they are not needed. Different configurations are available, and Romtec can match the lighting schemes of other buildings to promote consistency at your site. Visual design can also have an impact on the appeal of a public building.

Multi-User Restrooms with Central Mechanical Room and White CMU Exterior

Visual features in a building can easily be accented with proper lighting. Signage and other important information can also be highlighted to draw attention. These capabilities are especially important for facilities that operate throughout the night. Lighting every side of a building is often not necessary, but large facilities that offer different functions, such as concessions and restrooms, will benefit from lighting prominent sides, such as entrances. Different styles and strengths of lighting fixtures can be used throughout the building to create aesthetic effects. High efficiency LED bulbs offer a great amount of light while requiring typically small profile fixtures. Romtec has designed thousands of buildings and structures with different lighting configurations and can help you achieve a great looking visual design on your building through lighting.

Concession Restroom with Exterior Lighting and Metal Roof

Romtec believes that it is important to provide high-quality buildings and structures in parks and other recreational spaces to enhance the location as a whole. Public parks and their facilities are important areas that are an asset to every community. These locations are becoming even more important in large cities and urban areas to provide the community a space to enjoy natural scenery and outdoor recreation. Lighting may be a small part in the design of a building or structure, but it can have a significant impact on park security, accessibility, and the visual appeal of the entire construct. Speak with a professional at Romtec and ask about our comprehensive lighting packages today!

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