Options for Privacy Walls

Privacy Barrier on Restroom Building

Romtec offers a wide variety of different options for privacy walls on restroom entrances. Privacy is always an important consideration when getting a restroom or shower building, and privacy walls –or wing walls– are a common method for increasing the privacy of these types of buildings. Discussing your project goals with Romtec is a great way to get privacy walls that are cost effective and look great. Check out some of these common considerations to see if any of the options fit your project.

The first choice when deciding on the design of a privacy wall is to select a free-standing wall or a wing wall. Wing walls extend from the edge of the building and form a right angled “wing” around the entrances. A free standing-wall is typically a simple two-post wall that sits directly in front of the entrances. Wing walls offer more privacy by obstructing visual lines from the sides, and free-standing walls cost less and have a more modern appearance. Each option has been used for a long and works well.

Log Post Restroom with Covered Entry

After choosing the type of wall, there are additional structural considerations that can be made. Romtec can construct privacy walls as part of a large covered porch. This design option is common on our smaller restroom models, but it can also be designed for our largest buildings as well. Not only does this design option look great, but it also serves a functional purpose. In regions where snow is a common event, porches prevent entrances from getting blocked by snowfall. Even with rain, porches create dry floor on the building’s exterior, leading to less mud and dirt getting tracked in to the facility.

Cedar Exterior on Restroom

Once these two choices are made, the materials for the walls can be selected. In most projects the privacy walls are constructed out of the same materials as the rest of the building. This gives the building a unified appearance that most customers find appealing. Romtec can also provide privacy walls constructed out of other complementary materials to the main structure. These materials could be stones, plywood, logs, boards (and battens), sheet or corrugated metal, steel security screens, bricks & CMU blocks, and many more. Work with our design staff to select a material, or we can work with your architect to meet the project goals.

Privacy walls and wings walls are simple structural components, but with a little attention during the design phase, they can become prominent visual features of your buildings. These walls will also keep restroom users comfortable by providing your building with added privacy. Romtec has all of the design options you need to make your structure an attractive and functional building with privacy walls designed exactly to fit your needs. Check out more privacy and wing walls in our design solutions center.

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