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Matching Building with Light Green Features

Romtec designs, manufactures, supplies, and constructs buildings and shelters for many different and unique applications. Some applications consistently utilize similar design concepts specific to the intended use of the building. One such application is meeting building requirements at municipal and private sports complexes. Buildings at sports complexes need to include a common set of requirements as well as include unique elements that represent the location of the building.

Custom Concession and Meeting Building

Anyone who has gone to a youth or intramural sports game can probably identify the most common feature of a sports complex: the concession stand. Anywhere sports get played, concessions are almost always available in some form. Not only do concession stands provide a source of revenue for the park, they also serve an important function for visitors. Sports can last for hours and can take place in uncomfortable circumstances, like hot weather. Concessions allow athletes and spectators alike to purchase refreshment that can help performance and comfort during any event.

In the overwhelming majority of sports complex projects, attached to the concession building will be a public restroom facility. These can take many shapes and sizes. In some cases, the public restroom portion of the building will include a team room with lockers and benches. Family rooms with changing tables and increased access for caregivers of persons with disabilities are getting added today more than ever before. It can also be common to add changing stalls at locations with splash pads or sports that require special apparel. Sports complex restrooms typically serve the dual purposes of accommodating visitors and athletes who need different amenities from the facility.

Large Custom Restroom and Concession with Attractive Gable Roof

In addition to concessions and restrooms, most sports complexes need some type of auxiliary room for the maintenance and management of the complex. These can take on several unique purposes and be included together, separately, or only as needed. Typically, these rooms are for uses such as storing grounds maintenance equipment, housing lighting or irrigation controls, scoring booths, Wi-Fi or IT equipment, and other management purposes. Depending on the specific use of the room and the codes of the building location, these auxiliary rooms can have a major impact on the building design. Romtec has a lot of experience combining mixed-use facilities into single buildings for sports complexes.

Large Concession and REstroom Building Designed for High Foot Traffic

Among buildings for specialized applications, sports complexes have a wide and yet specific set of needs. Much of a sports complex building design will focus on serving diverse groups of visitors and spectators and diverse groups of athletes. These building designs will also usually need to include facilities for additional purposes that assist maintenance personnel and management. A good sports complex building will provide all of these functional capabilities while also including good aesthetic and usability options. Romtec has completed a large number of projects for sports complexes and understands the needs of this application.

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