SST® Waterless Restrooms

Charming SST Prefabricated Vault Toilet
An SST® Traditional Waterless Restroom

Romtec’s SST® line of waterless restrooms is a great advantage for any restroom scenario where plumbing doesn’t reach. The pre-engineered structures can be configured to be very basic and affordable, or they can be configured to be very custom and eye-catching. There are a lot of options with these restrooms from the vault below the ground to the top of the vent stack.

Romtec offers three styles of waterless restrooms. There is the Original, the Traditional, and the Aspen. The Original was Romtec’s very first product. It is a single-user facility prefabricated out of light and durable polyethylene and delivered on-site ready for installation. The Traditional styles are available with one or two single-user restrooms.

Also prefabricated out of polyethylene, the Traditional facilities include options for siding packages, pitched gable roofs, porches, privacy walls, and more.

The Aspen buildings are pre-engineered and built on-site out of CMU block or optional tilt-up SIP panels. They are available with one to four private restrooms, but we have designed and installed custom projects with as many as six rooms. The Aspen buildings include the entire array of Romtec design options from siding packages to skylights and more.

All of the SST® waterless restrooms come with 750-gallon, polyethylene vaults in the standard configuration: one per toilet riser. The vaults are also available made of precast concrete and can have 1000-gallon holding capacity with either material. The larger vaults can handle approximately 15,000 uses before they need to be pumped and cleaned.

Romtec named its waterless toilets the SST® facilities because they are designed with Romtec’s own Sweet Smelling Technology. The SST® design utilizes natural air pressure and prevailing winds to vent odors through the vent stack and away from the building to create a more comfortable atmosphere. A vent screen option is also available to protect wildlife from becoming trapped in the vent.

The Original, Traditional, and Aspen waterless restrooms are affordable and attractive solutions for waste management in areas where pluming does not reach. If you want to see all of the Romtec SST® restrooms, you can click here. Click the “Read More” button to get information on individual models.

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