Urban Restroom Innovations with the Sidewalk Restroom

Double Sidewalk Restroom with Matte Grey Exterior

Romtec started by developing innovations for public restrooms, working with the Forest Service to develop a low-cost solution for vault toilets. First there was the riser; then came the polyethylene vault, the prefabricated exterior, and of course, our Sweet Smelling Technology or SST®.  Together, these innovations revolutionized restrooms in remote locations. Today, Romtec has restrooms in all 50 states and even internationally, and some of our newest innovations are found in city centers instead of national forests. Two new Sidewalk Restroom projects were completed, showing how Romtec design innovations are now benefiting a much different environment.

Dark Grey Metal Restroom Structure

In Castle Rock, Colorado, a new urban park is getting developed called Festival Park. The new park will include many modern amenities for parks, including shade structures, a splash pad, a fire pit, and a gateway feature. Among the many new features, a Romtec Double Sidewalk Restroom is also included. The Double Sidewalk Restroom offers two private restrooms with a small mechanical room in the center. The design concepts for the Sidewalk Restroom models emphasize design simplicity without offering many creature comforts. This encourages quick use and does not afford enough privacy for illegal and illicit behaviors that have been problematic in other urban restrooms.

To fit with the other elements of the park, this Double Sidewalk Restroom unit was painted with Urban Bronze paint to match the theme of the park. This park has a modern, simple, and industrialized look, and the Double Sidewalk Restroom’s solid steel body fits in perfectly. This unit also includes two exterior drinking fountains, a hose hook-up for maintenance, and interior floor drains for easy clean-up inside the unit. Romtec also included magnetic locks in the design of this Double Sidewalk restroom unit, allowing the City to lock and unlock the unit remotely or on a timer. Maxicom controls by Rain Bird were integrating into the restroom mechanical room for irrigation controls at the park.

Sidewalk Restroom in Urban Park

In Sherwood, Oregon, the City undertook a process of revitalizing its Old Town area, and creating the new Cannery Square was a years-long process that is at the heart of the City. In the midst of this work, Romtec designed and supplied a new Single Sidewalk Restroom for the city square. This urban development area includes seating, shade structures, a recreational water feature, and many decorative elements. The new Single Sidewalk Restroom unit is the first permanent restroom facility at the park, and it will provide durable facilities for the City as its new urban city center continues to expand.

This newly developed area includes a number of thematic elements throughout the park and the new residential and commercial buildings in the area. These elements are things like stone features, brick walkways, and steel shade structures. To match the existing shade structures, this Single Sidewalk Restroom was powder coated with Terra Brown for a durable color option. This unit includes a diaper changing table, an exterior spigot, stainless steel fixtures, and a rear-mechanical closet for easy access to maintenance. There is also special lighting that discourages intravenous drug use in the facility by making veins difficult to see. Drug use has been an issue for previous urban restroom options, and this Sidewalk Restroom unit has considerations that can resolve many issues.

Double Door Access to Mechanical Room in Sidewalk Restroom

Romtec has innovated many different restroom products throughout our history, and the new Sidewalk Restroom models represent a cost-effective urban restroom solution for cities across the country. These projects are two of the newest applications of this style of restroom, and Romtec has many other projects in the works. For meeting special needs in any location, Romtec’s Sidewalk Restrooms are the best option available for urban applications. Contact Romtec today to learn more about our Sidewalk Restroom products and how they can benefit your city.

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