Winter Building Features for Restrooms

Pair of Single Room Waterless Bathrooms

With winter storms covering most of the country, today seems like an appropriate day to share some of Romtec’s building features for winter weather. There are many design features available that will keep your restroom building accessible, safe, and comfortable during the long winter months. Romtec offers a lot of options for weather protection, but these five solutions are some of the easiest and most beneficial to a restroom building.

The first winterization feature to look at begins at the roof. A snow load is the weight that snowfall adds to the roof of a building, and it can be substantial. With one inch of snow, the added weight to a roof can be as much as five pounds per square foot. With three feet of snow, the added weight is over 180 pounds per square foot.

Local and regional codes typically specify the required snow load for new buildings based on the expected weather at the building site. To meet these requirements, Romtec can increase the number of roof trusses, use more robust materials, or improve the roof design.

Another popular design feature for handling winter weather is the roof extension or covered porch. In areas with high snow volumes, these features are almost a requirement for maintaining a usable restroom. Roof extensions keep snow away from the bathroom entries so that the doors can operate even when there is deep snow. Porches also provide people with an area to dust off before entering the bathroom, keeping the facilities cleaner.

Romtec can add many different types of HVAC (heating, ventilation, & air conditioning) devices to a restroom building. Heating units are the main concern for winter months, as cold restrooms can be very uncomfortable. Adding a heater to a building can also prevent freezing damage to components inside of a building. Frozen water on floors can be a concern in some locations, so adding an HVAC unit with heat can also alleviate some safety concerns.

Mechanical & storage rooms are another common design feature that can help during the winter months. These rooms provide easy access to the building utilities for maintenance or inspection. Additionally, these rooms can house supplies to help manage the restroom during winter weather, such as kitty litter or snow shovels for paths.

Finally, insulated foundations and heated floors are another feature to improve a building for winter. These features can be included for comfort, maintenance, and safety concerns. Insulated and heated foundations/floors prevent frozen pipes, reduce frozen or slippery floors, and protect the concrete foundation from cracking or heaving. There are a number of methods for insulating and heating foundations, and Romtec can incorporate your preferred method into your building design.

There are many concerns when it comes to winter weather, and choosing the proper design features can improve the comfort and life-span of a restroom building greatly. If you have any questions about these or other winter design features, contact Romtec today to see why our buildings are the best solution for your project.

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