Curved louvers on the Sidewalk Restroom

A Louver of Design

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Curved louvers on the Sidewalk Restroom
Curved louvers on the Sidewalk Restroom

Romtec has included louvers in restroom buildings throughout our 30 year history, but maybe none have looked better than the louvers on the new Sidewalk Restroom. Not only do the steel louvers create interesting visual elements and seamless lines but they also serve practical purposes.

The History of Louvers

Louvers have existed since the middle ages. Originally they were simple coverings over holes in kitchen roofs that allowed smoke to exit without letting in the elements. They eventually turned into clay molds that took the shape of shell-like indents with open slots or artistic faces where smoke could exit through the eyes, nose, and mouth.

The Benefits of Louvers on a Public Restroom

In public restroom buildings, louvers provide facilities with ventilation and ambient lighting. The Sidewalk Restroom uses both of these benefits to create an affordable structure. Natural air flow keeps the facility smelling clean, and it can be installed where electricity is unavailable or not feasible because of the natural light let in by the louvers.

Louvers can also be used for privacy like with venetian blinds. The bottom louvers on the Sidewalk Restroom actually allow viewing of the floor of the restroom. It sounds a little odd, but it is a benefit for urban restrooms. The majority of public bathroom stalls have the same attribute because total privacy in restrooms can often result in misuse.

These simple and ageless parallel slats are quite handy at accomplishing a variety of tasks. The Sidewalk Restroom benefits greatly by including louvers in its design. Visit the Sidewalk Restroom page for more information, or for questions about louver options, call the Romtec sales team today at (541) 496-3541.

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