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Are you frustrated with the conventional process of the design and construction of Park and Recreation Structures? Romtec has an experienced team in the design and construction of Park and Rec. and Industrial Control Buildings. We can save you time and money on your structure and provide the look and features you need.

Are you frustrated with the standard design process?

Change the way you approach building projects and come straight to Romtec. We are architects too and move faster through that process with our experienced team who will save you money in the long run. We design based on what you want while staying within your budget. Romtec is experienced in building Park and Recreation structures across the nation, so we know the real costs for a completed project, making budgeting easier and more accurate than ever. Working directly with our team on the design is an efficient process that can speed up the project from start to finish and assure that project’s success.

Wood Pavilion at Public Park

Preliminary Design and Estimate at No Cost

With Romtec, we’re a “one stop shop”. We can design, supply and construct the project.

At Romtec, there are no upfront costs as our initial designs and estimates are free of charge. This makes starting the conversation with us easy and stress-free as we show you how our process works to your benefit. Romtec also provides specifications and a plan view and elevation drawings for the bid package.

Our experience allows us to create accurate estimates. Romtec has experienced designers and we have worked with builders in all 50 states making us outstanding estimators. Your project will never have cost overruns, as we design with your budget in mind. Romtec can guide you through the design of your structure and make suggestions on ways to achieve your desired result: a beautiful building that saves you time, is on budget, and is a long-term solution for your needs.

Medium Waterless Restrooms

Stamped Plans

Romtec provides sealed plan sets for all 50 states. In other words, Romtec is a licensed engineer in all 50 states and understands local building codes. We have worked with local governments and municipalities all over the country, so we know how to design and build within the local building codes of your area. Our experienced engineering team is here to help guide you through the architectural design and specification process that includes meeting the local building codes.

Move faster and save money with Romtec on your next park project –work with Romtec at the beginning and save money on the design of your next building. Romtec simplifies the bid process with honest, professional advice and upfront design services at no cost to the customer. No initial fees, accurate estimates, and the supply of bid documents are all part of the Romtec process.

Romtec can handle all aspects of your building project. Come directly to Romtec for the design, supply, and construction of your next structure and save yourself the time and hassle of hiring an architect. Get your building out to bid faster and more accurately while you keep your project on schedule. Work with Romtec from beginning to end and learn the new way of completing buildings quickly, affordably, and with an end result you can be proud of.

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