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Beaver Dam – Custom Public Restroom and Pavilion

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When the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers began damming the White River in 1911, there were no public restrooms, GSA schedules, or online buying options. The dam projects then were to provide communities in the Ozarks with electricity, water supply, and recreation. These projects were important and through the years restrooms and recreation facilities became a part of scope. Today, many of these facilities are obsolete, and new buying practices are easier for the USACE to restore the parks.

Replacement of the Beaver Dam Facilities

In 1960, the USACE started construction on the Beaver Dam, creating the extensive Beaver Lake in northwest Arkansas. With 12 Federal Parks currently located around the lake, one of the largest, Dam Site Lake Park, needed to replace its outdated facilities. The site was a beautiful limestone bluff overlooking the Beaver Dam.

With the project in mind, the USACE went to work deciding how to build the best facilities for their picturesque location. Across the lake at Prairie Creek Park, a restroom shower building was in use that was supplied by Romtec in September of 2010. Hickory Creek Park also included a custom Romtec restroom project selected from ebuy. Both projects created a positive relationship between the USACE and Romtec.

The Purchasing Process for a Custom Building

The USACE went to ebuy on the GSA schedule and saw that Romtec had listed a set of buildings that fulfilled their project needs and came in at their budget. The scheduled buildings were similar to a project Romtec completed in Union City, Georgia. It was a combination of a custom Sierra IV Multi-user restroom and a large dimensional wood pavilion. The structures were upgraded with a stone-veneer wainscot and post bases, board and batten siding, tile floor, and tongue and groove roofing. Referred by the Romtec sales staff, the USACE looked at the photos of the Union City job on Romtec’s website and knew they were interested in buying through Romtec again.

Romtec provides impressive lead times, but when a project is nearly a duplicate, they can be exceptionally quick. Within five months of placing their order, the USACE received a fully functional restroom and pavilion on their beautiful site. The completion of this project leaves Romtec optimistic that their capabilities and price-range will be needed again at Arkansas’ Beaver Lake.


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