Attractive SST Restroom with Timber Supports

Custom Waterless Restroom – Troutdale, OR

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Vault Toilet with Cedar Board and Batten Siding
Attractive SST Restroom with Timber Supports

The Project

The Sandy River Delta, where the Sandy River joins the great Columbia River, is a multi-use public area that is somehow both remote yet easily accessible. With a strong historic significance, it was recently included in a huge project commemorating the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark expedition called “The Confluence Project”. Six confluence sites along the Columbia were chosen. At the Sandy River Delta the artist Maya Lin, who is designing every site, chose an elliptical bird watching station. The U.S. Forest Service, joining forces with the Oregon Department of Transportation, and The National Guard, transformed the site – known for hiking, biking, bird and nature watching, and the largest off-leash recreation area for dogs and their owners in Oregon. This is where Romtec came in and was asked to provide a waterless toilet restroom facility that is attractive and would not take away from the beauty of the very important confluence project.

The Solution

Romtec suggested their SST® Aspen Double waterless restroom building with a rustic cedar siding package and stone wainscoting, as well as a beautiful rough-sawn post and beam covered entry. While The National Guard put in a real parking lot, and the DOT changed the freeway exit to accommodate more traffic, Romtec (in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service) put in a simple, yet attractive, waterless restroom to ensure all visitors had the facilities necessary to make their visit to the Delta more comfortable and enjoyable. The entire project is a huge success and Romtec is proud to have played a part in it. The bird blind was dedicated in August of 2008 and the Romtec restroom was there to help make that possible.

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