Structures Designed to Match an Old Mining Camp

Log Pavilion – Spencer, AK

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The Spencer Glacier Train Stop Facilities
Aerial View of the Spencer Glacier Restroom
Structures Designed to Match an Old Mining Camp

The Project

The Alaska railroad in cooperation with the Chugach National Forest runs tourist trips into the National Forest and stops at key points along the way. Travelers are treated to a remote train ride as well as unrivaled scenic beauty. The entire trip is packed with breathtaking vistas, beautiful peaks of rock and snow, stunning glaciers, and wildlife as well. There is no way to reach these remote sites except by train.

The railroad contacted Romtec with a one-of-a-kind request. Each stop along the way would require restrooms as well as a central gathering area. These remote sites required the strongest and most durable materials available, but also called out for a custom look and feel that was in fitting with the wilds of Alaska.

The Spencer Whistle Stop was the very first project. Groups disembark from the train, walk to the central gathering area and restrooms where they hear of the history and science of the Spencer glacier before walking up to view the glacier itself.

The Solution

Romtec could not wait to get started on this amazing and exciting project. The Spencer site would have no less than four separate buildings or structures and would also include wooden boardwalk flooring in and between all the structures to offer a unique gathering area, even offering cover to large groups in inclement weather. The finished site is no less than stunning. The natural Port Orford cedar gives a beautiful blonde wood look with color variations in the vertical slats of the walls. The double waterless restroom with covered porch and the two covered pavilions are all seamlessly tied together by a wooden walkway and gathering site. All the buildings received metal roofing for durability. The pavilions have one or two walls each for wind-break but the walls also received beautiful gridded windows. The entire site could be straight out of the old west and the railroad and Romtec can be proud of the site for many years to come. Romtec can’t wait to continue the success at other stops along the tour over the next couple of years. The Alaskan Whistle Stops are one of the most stunning and unique projects that Romtec has ever produced.

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