Large Splash Pad Restroom and Showers

Designing Restrooms for Splash Pads

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Large Splash Pad Restroom and Showers

Splash pads and water features are being installed at parks across the nation, and are increasing in popularity. With the addition of a splash pad to a park, special considerations also need to be taken to provide families with facilities to meet their needs during their visit. Romtec has the expertise and experience to be able to provide simple structures or larger complex structures to accommodate splash pad guests, and has supplied these types of structures in the Cedar Hills Redevelopment and Rose Park projects.

Splash pads are water features that allow children to enjoy playing in the water on a hot summer day, while reducing the stress for parents as there is very little risk of drowning. There is little to no standing water at a splash pad, but rather nozzles, pipes, and decorative features that allow guests to cool down and have fun. Kids can spray each other with movable nozzles, and run and play on a non-slip surface such as soft, textured rubber. The soft rubber prevents children from getting seriously hurt in the event that they do fall or slip on the pad. Splash pads are incredibly friendly environments for young children to play and explore together.

With the addition of a splash pad to a park, special considerations need to be taken for structures to service both the guests of the splash pad, and the splash pad itself. Romtec’s expertise allows us to design a structure that meets all our customer’s needs, from simple buildings to larger and more complex buildings.

Multi-User Restroom with Large Mechanical Room

Splash Pad Restroom & Concession Building

At the Cedar Hills Redevelopment project in Beaverton, Oregon, Romtec supplied two structures, a restroom/concession building to service the park, and a restroom/storage building that would service the newly added splash pad feature at the park. The structure contains three American Disability Act (ADA) compliant restrooms and a storage room to store chemicals and maintenance materials for the splash pad. Since the water is coming into contact with young children, the water needs to be safe and clean, and treated similar to pool water. Chemical tanks in the storage room are behind locked doors, and only accessible to maintenance personnel, but allow the water at the splash pad to receive treatment at the park to ensure its safety before coming into contact with the public and children.

The splash pad structure at Cedar Hills is a simple structure that meets the needs of the splash pad and guests, but Romtec can also provide large complex structures such as the multi-purpose building in the Rose Park project.

Splash Pad Community Park

Custom, Full-Service, Splash Pad Building

The Rose Park project in Waukegan, Illinois is a large, custom building to fully service all of the needs that guests may have at the Corrine J. Rose Park. Formerly known as Belvidere Park, Rose Park recently underwent renovations to update the park and add new features for the community to enjoy, including a splash pad. The Waukegan Park District came to Romtec for the supply of a multi-purpose structure to serve guests at the splash pad and park.

Rose Park’s multi-purpose structure is designed with the splash pad guests in mind. A covered breezeway through the center of the structure provides an entranceway into the park, and on each side of the breezeway guests can access Men’s and Women’s restrooms/shower rooms and even individual family restrooms for guests with multiple small children. The toilets/shower rooms are separated by laminate partitions, and give guests a private place to change clothes or a place to clean themselves off before or after using the splash pad.

Similar to the Cedar Hills project, the Rose Park structure has storage rooms to house the chemicals, piping, and maintenance materials. Rose Park’s chemical storage is a large room that is easy to maneuver and perform checks and maintenance, ensuring that the water is safe to be used in the splash pad.

Covered Entrance to Single User Restroom Showers

In addition to the restrooms, showers, and the chemical storage, the Rose Park structure also features a concession stand, for guests to buy refreshments during visits to the park, and a guard room to provide extra protection and security of the popular area. The guardroom looks out over the park, and features a sliding window that allows easy communication between the personnel and park guests.

Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of our customer’s needs, we can meet them. As splash pads are installed at more parks across the nation, Romtec will be here to help with the supply of restroom, concession, and multi-purpose structures to meet the needs of guests and house important chemicals/supplies to service the splash pad.

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