Eco-Friendly Solar Panels

Environmentally Friendly Restroom Options

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Romtec offers a lot of design and supply options for environmentally friendly restroom facilities. These options are a great way to reduce utility costs, reach LEED certification, and benefit the resources of your community. Most “green” options fit into 3 categories, design, hardware, and electrical. Romtec can provide any of these options with the specific components you need to make your restroom project successful, energy efficient, environmentally responsible.

Five Room Boat Launch Restroom

Structural Insulated Panels

Green building design can include a number of elements that depend on each particular project. Any Romtec building can be designed to be constructed SIPs, or Structural Insulated Panels. SIPS two layers of sheathing that sandwich a foam core. Typically, the most economical SIPs use OSB, Oriented Strand Board, sheathing with a polystyrene core. These materials are low cost and can be manufactured quickly and efficiently. One quality that makes SIPs a green building material is that the manufacturing of SIPs generates very little waste. The OSB and foam that is cut out for doors, windows, or etcetera can all be recycle into new SIPs. Another environmentally-friendly quality of SIPs is that they have superior insulation (R-values) to stick-frame and concrete walls, requiring less energy for heating and air conditioning.

Eco-Friendly Solar Panels

Log Features

Another way to get green materials is on a building designed with log features. Logs can be harvested sustainably by using specific logging techniques. One of these techniques is to fall standing dead trees. These are trees that have recently died but the still have strong wood grain. Romtec can provide logs that are harvested responsibly to offer natural wood on a building that is not harmful to the environment.

Log Cabin Restroom Building

Low-Flow Toilet Feature

Green hardware focuses on the conservation of resources while still remaining functional. There are numerous brands and manufacturers for these types of restroom components. One of the most popular and common green fixtures is the low-flow toilet. There are also flush-less urinals that fit into this category. These components use less water per use to reduce the water resources consumed by a restroom. When these fixtures are in widespread use across a region, they can reduce the amount of wastewater that goes to treatment, saving additional energy and resources in the community.

Low Flow Toilet

Other Sustainable Components

Other green components for restrooms include faucets, showers, and hand dryers. Romtec can offer a lot of options for these components. The faucet and shower fixtures are designed to use less water during operation. These can operate through push-to-use timer button or by using aeration to increase pressure with less water. Each manufacturer offers different specifications and aesthetics for its products, and Romtec will get your building the best option to fit your needs.

Just as with hardware, electrical components are available in many different types of energy efficient and environmentally-friendly fixtures. The most basic fixtures operate just like a typical device but use substantially less electricity. An example of this is something like an LED light. LED bulbs produce as much light as an incandescent but with much less electricity consumption. There are energy efficient water heaters, hand dryers, and HVAC units.

Restroom with Exterior Shower Fixture

Adding Solar Packages

Another major green consideration for your restroom building is adding a solar package. Solar panels can reduce, and in some locations, eliminate the reliance on grid power. Additionally, solar packages can distribute power into the grid that generates money for your facility. When power is added to the grid, it also provides green power to the community.

Large Steel and Stone Pavilion

Getting an environmentally friendly restroom is easy with Romtec. We have the design experience and hardware options available to make any dream a reality. Ask about our ES models to see how Romtec’s complete line of green options can be added to any of our standard models. Contact our Sales Team today to learn more!

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