Rest Area Restroom with Dedicated Private Rooms

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Romtec designs and supplies buildings and structures for all types of private and public customers to meet the specific needs of the site. Over 30 years of experience has provided Romtec the opportunity to design and supply restrooms to a variety of industries. Our design experience allows our engineers to design buildings that perfectly match the culture, functionality, site conditions, and code requirements for specific applications. Rest assured that where ever you need a restroom, concession, storage building, pavilion or any other type of structure, Romtec has designed a building for the same application.


Pecan Valley Golf Course, Fort Worth, Texas

Romtec has designed a lot of restrooms for golf courses across the country. The Pecan Valley Golf Course needed this attractive stone sided building to offer waterless facilities at a portion of its course without plumbing. For golf courses, a typical building will include custom design elements to fit the character of the course and will make use of Romtec’s SST designs for odor free buildings. Romtec designed and supplied four restrooms for this golf course to replace the existing facilities. The new Romtec Aspen Compact waterless restrooms offer modern and attractive restrooms at this popular Texas golf course.

Waterless Restroom in Remote Golf Course

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Manchester, Washington

Industrial and utility applications typically require less aesthetic considerations and focus more on the specific functions of the site. This project for a research facility in Washington needed a plumbed building that included several unique requirements. First, this building has an exterior shower available for researchers to use that have been working in Clam Bay off Puget Sound. Second, Romtec supplied and included in the plumbing design a small sewage pump to handle the wastewater from the restroom. This building design is simple and uses low-cost materials, but it also includes custom design features like a mechanical room with an electric control panel to operate the pump and exterior lights. This is a fairly common design process for this utility type of application.

Compact Restroom and Utility Building

Highway 54 Rest Area, Newkirk, New Mexico

Departments of Transportations have different values in each state. The New Mexico DOT values providing attractive facilities with considerations for highway safety. Many of its rest areas include custom shade structures to provide a cool place in case anyone gets stranded. This facility offers large multi-user facilities for men’s and women’s use; it also includes two private entry “family rooms” to provide a restroom for single-occupants, disabled persons, or parental needs. This building also matches the New Mexico DOT values for attractive and southwestern themed buildings. The stucco and stone siding on this building fit the regional style while matching existing shade structures on the site.

Rest Area Restroom with Dedicated Private Rooms

Romtec can design and supply buildings and structures for all types of application because we have been doing it successfully for a long time. Looking through our website, you will see buildings that are small and large. You will see buildings that are low-cost and upscale. There are standard designs and custom designs. Romtec has designed, supplied, and constructed buildings to meet a range of needs that is always expanding. Whatever type of project you are facing, Romtec will meet your requirements and help you get the building you want. Additionally, Romtec can provide design-build services and complete turnkey replacement projects for a single source project from start to finish. Contact our Sales Team today to discuss your project!

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