Aquatic Building for Community Pool

Getting Creative with Building Roof Structures

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Aquatic Building for Community Pool

Romtec designs, manufactures, supplies, and constructs buildings and structures for a wide range of applications all across the country. Being involved in many different projects every day starting with the design provides insight into the different trends in the industry. One increasingly popular trend in what our customers want for their buildings and structures is to get creative with the roof. Often times these are just simple changes, but once this is clear, roof lines are a popular option for enhancing the appearance of America’s public buildings and structures.

Double Restroom Building with Storage Space in Over Head Area

Shed-Style Roofs

Several years ago, Romtec expanded our offering of “shed-style roofs,” which are simply single-pitch roof structures. This option grew from occasional use to the point where today, our architectural drafting experts are designing single-pitch roofs all the time for all types of projects. Originally, this style of roof was billed as an economy option because it could be prefabricated with simple trusses. Now, single-pitch roofs are trendy for any application because of their low-profile and modern appearance.

Single-pitch roof structures have certainly grown in popularity in recent years, but now more than ever we are seeing an increase in inspiration for how to use this roof style. Recent designs include increasing the pitch for added height to the building. We also have seen interest in designs where the entire roof structure is segmented into single-pitch sections that run in opposite directions. Another common request is for two separate structures with single-pitch roofs that oppose each other, either sloping toward or away from the other building.

Fabricated Metal Decorative Columns

Rainwater Collection Units

Other uncommon roof designs have been explored recently, some of which were constructed. On one project, Romtec inverted the roof to turn an entire building into a rainwater collection unit. On another project, Romtec provided a simple flat roof design that gives the building a low profile and, with a custom paint job, a unique aesthetic. Other recent building and structure roof designs include dramatic pitches, cantilevered awnings, hip roofs, and much more. There are many other styles of roof structure to give a public building a signature look that fits with the times and trends.

Custom Concession and Meeting Building

Romtec’s In-House Design Expertise

Romtec builds its reputation on our ability to provide our customers exactly what they want. This blends together budgets, lead times, options, and architectural designs. We are seeing more non-tradition (gable-end) roof structures then maybe ever before. With our in-house design expertise and world-class manufacturing capabilities, Romtec can provide the roof design you want to give your building that special look. Contact us today to learn more about our design capabilities and how they can benefit your next project.

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