Cost Effective Single Pitch Roof

Shed Style Roofs

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Single Pitch Booster Station Control Shelter

Romtec recently reconfigured its entire product offering with new pre-engineered designs to be more affordable and cost effective. There were many methods used to save customers money, and one of those methods was the addition of “shed style” roofs to appropriate models. Shed roofs use less materials and are easier during the construction process, and we think the look pretty good, too.

Shed roofs are traditionally referred to as single pitch roofs because the roofing structure only pitches in a single direction. For the smaller Romtec structures, single pitch shed style roofs only roof one side with no covered entry, eliminating about 50% of roofing materials. For speed and cost efficiency, this is a great solution.

The Single Pitch Modern Design

Another great aspect of a shed roof is that is has a low profile. The appearance gives a very modern and clean impression. The single pitch offers complete visibility of the front of the restroom building. For buildings with stone wainscoting or siding packages, the additional visual space really enhances those elements.

The single pitch, or shed style, roof is a design standard that we are really happy about. Romtec has small waterless restrooms and plumbed buildings with these roofs. If you want to see all the models with shed style roofing options, follow the links below.

Cost Effective Single Pitch Roof

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