Porcelain Toilet in Restroom with Tile Walls

Getting the Best Interior Surfaces in a Romtec Building

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Romtec has all the options you’ll need to get great interior surfaces for your public restroom building and any other Romtec structure. There are a few considerations to make about the interior of your building that go beyond good aesthetics. Working with Romtec and your contractor, make sure that you get the interior floors and walls that will make your building an attractive and long-lasting feature of your project.

Concession Interior with Stainless Steel Sink

Concrete Surfaces for Floors and Walls

Concrete is the most common type of interior surface for floors and walls on Romtec buildings. This is because concrete surfaces are durable and inexpensive, making them a great option for heavily used facilities. Even when trying to save money, concrete should always be treated. Concrete is porous. Although it may seem very hard, concrete actually absorbs fluids very easily, which can lead to stains, odor, grime, mold, concrete dust, and increased deterioration. These problems are all avoided by sealing concrete floors and walls.

FRP Siding in Restroom

Concrete Sealers

Romtec always specifies using a concrete sealer to the installing contractor of each building. We do not typically supply a sealer, as products that meet local codes are readily available throughout the nation. Romtec does recommend that customers work with us and their installing contractor to get a concrete sealer that will meet their goals. There are several types of sealers such as paint, acrylic, polyurethane, and epoxy, so make sure to provide a preference for your contractor. You do not want to get stuck with unsealed concrete.

Sealers for Wood and Stucco

Sealers are also available for other types of interior surfaces like wood and stucco, but Romtec also supplies FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) siding for building interiors. FRP (shown above) can be installed on concrete, SIP (structural insulated panels), or stick-built buildings and acts as a shield for the walls and ceilings. This material is not porous like concrete, so it does not absorb moisture, odor, grime, or dust. FRP is also available in multiple colors and textures to provide your preferred appearance for the building. Romtec frequently uses FRP in building designs.

Good Looking Restroom Interior Wall with Tile

Other Types of Floor and Wall Options

As partially mentioned above, floor and wall options such as tile, wood paneling, stucco, and brick are also available through Romtec. Romtec can provide any type of floor and wall surface required by a customer to meet their goals. We can also specify the appropriate sealer for enhancing the functionality and life-span of each material. Again, sealers will typically be procured and applied by the contractor, but Romtec will specify the customer’s choice for which type to use.

No matter what design choices you make, Romtec will help you get long-lasting and attractive floor and wall materials for your building. If you want to see more options for floors and walls, look at our design solutions section. Get some ideas for what you want you interior surfaces to look like, and our design team will make it happen!

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