Unique Restroom with Locally Inspired Mosaic

Getting the Right Custom Design Features for Your Project

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Unique Restroom with Locally Inspired Mosaic

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs many different types of buildings and structures. Frequently, these projects represent special needs for our customers and include specialty features in the design requirements. Romtec has completed hundreds of projects with custom design requirements from aesthetic options to custom layouts. No matter what your project goals are, Romtec can design and supply the perfect building to meet your needs. This process starts with the design of your building, which might not begin as a custom design.

Starting with a Standard Design

Romtec designs and constructs buildings and structures for a lot of different applications, and each project can use the same starting architectural drawings in the early stages. For example, one of Romtec’s most procured buildings is a simple, two-room restroom building with a small mechanical room. The design for this Sierra II has been pre-engineered, so that for most projects, the design phase can be sped up considerably. This pre-engineered drawing serves as a starting point for customers who need a two-room restroom building. After that, the design requirements may get further defined by a customer relative to their specific application.

Custom Octagonal Concession Restroom with Stone Wainscoting

Adding Specific Features to Meet Design Requirements

Starting with the basic two-room restroom, one customer looks at the drawings and believes the design will work, but their building needs exterior showers for a splash pad. Another customer also likes the pre-engineered design, but their building needs more area in the mechanical room for park irrigation controls. Still another custom like the building, but this project needs a roof extension with angled support columns. Each of these projects needs a two-room restroom building with a mechanical room, but each customer needs a specific feature to meet their design requirements and project goals. Since Romtec provides an in-house design team, getting these types of customizations are a part of virtually every project we complete.

After a customer specifies their design requirements, the architectural drawings are completed and get approved for production and manufacturing. In this stage, creating custom design features can range from virtually no extra work to a lot of special manufacturing. For the customer who needed an extended mechanical room, manufacturing only needs to supply more CMU block and extra electrical hookups for the irrigation controls. For the roof extension, the Romtec metal fabrication shop or wood shop will have to manufacture the angled columns, or in some cases, they are purchased from a specialty vendor to get a specific product. The manufacturing work can change the lead time and cost for the building. This is specific to the features being added, and this is also true for the construction.

Taking in to Account the Construction Timeline

Depending on the specific custom feature on the building, construction may take longer, be faster, or not be significantly impacted. On every project, Romtec always takes the necessary steps to ensure that the building construction is smooth. On many projects, Romtec will preassemble components to ensure a successful construction process. This saves time onsite and reduces the potential for delays or complications. Almost every project includes a design feature specific to the individual design requirements. Romtec’s process from design drawings though manufacturing and on to construction was developed to meet specific project needs correctly every time, anywhere in the country.

ADA Restroom with Metal Roof

If your project has a special need, Romtec can help you meet your project goals correctly and affordably. Our buildings each include a site-specific architectural drawing to meet all code and building requirements for the building location. This also helps our manufacturing and construction crews get your building completed correctly. If you have a new building project, contact Romtec today to see how we can get you the exact building you need for your park and recreation facility.

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