Dramatic Pitch Roof on Restroom

Romtec Porches and Roof Extensions

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Dramatic Pitch Roof on Restroom
A Custom Romtec Roof Extension

Porches and roof extensions are available on many of Romtec’s pre-engineered restroom layouts. Providing a covered entryway can be beneficial for a restroom building. Not only are they attractive, but they also protect the entry and interior floors from inclement weather. In severe rain and snow, it is good to have a space outside the building to knock the mud off your shoes. There are several styles of porches and roof extensions, and Romtec is always willing to provide custom work.

Covered entryways are available in two standard styles. The first style uses posts to support the covered area. These posts can be made of rough hewn timbers, logs, steel beams, block, or stone-wrapped pillars. All of these materials will support the extended roof section, so choosing a material is largely based on cost and aesthetic preference.

The second style of roof extension is to cantilever the extended section. This style of extended roof does not require any supports to the ground. It uses the weight of the roof over the building to support the extension. If more weight is located behind the “fulcrum” (the front wall of the building), the extended section will remain elevated without supports. Unlike the first style, cantilevered roof extensions have a limited distance they can extend.

With either style of roof extension, the design includes options for additional pieces on the porch. One common element is the privacy wall. A privacy wall can be made out of plywood, board and batten, cedar planks, logs, blocks, stonework, stucco, and more. The privacy wall eliminates visual lines into restroom entrances to increase privacy, and in some locations, they are required.

Another porch option is the stub wall. This short wall can serve as a bench, a place to set items, or a place to wait out the rain. It can also serve the purpose to obstruct a specific side of the porch. This might be used to protect landscaping and plants or to simply maintain a visual barrier. Another porch option is to wrap the bottom of the support posts in stone or block for aesthetic value.

Porches and roof extensions are popular options for many Romtec buildings. Whether it is a restroom waiting area or a concession window cover, a roof extension is a great addition. Look below to see some different styles of roof extensions and porches that Romtec has designed. For more information or pricing on roof extensions, call us or visit our request a quote page.

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