Vault Restroom with Glass Block Option for Natural Lighting

Good Building Design Focuses on the Details

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Vault Restroom with Glass Block Option for Natural Lighting

At Romtec, we work on building projects from the East Coast to the West Coast, including Hawaii and Alaska. Our customers typically choose Romtec for a very simple reason. Romtec offers architectural design expertise with the ability to supply all specified construction materials and even turnkey construction. When it comes to the building design, our customers are typically interested in doing something special, and there are many ways to achieve a superior building design. We also have to be mindful of budgets. In all aspects of design, good things can be achieved with small details. Romtec works with our customers to provide many aesthetic options, but in large budgets and small budgets, we always focus on the little details to provide a functional and cohesive building design.

Public Restroom with Steel Drinking Fountain and Stone Wainscot

Optimal Use of Space in a Recreation Building

One important aspect of design is the effective use of space. Optimal use of space is a balancing act between including the most functionality possible while retaining enough space to feel open and accessible. Utilizing space is generally viewed as the floor plan, or the size of each room and the fixtures and accessories inside. Utilizing space can also be the elevations of the building itself. Design aspects like wall height, roof pitch, gable ends, and covered entryways are all elements of space, especially visual space. Utilizing these elements correctly can take buildings with the same floor plans and make one sleek and contemporary, while another is grandiose and commanding. The use of all aspects of space go well beyond choosing finishes and aesthetic options.

Determining the Surface Materials for a Public Structure

Surfaces play an important role in a building design. In fact, very small and low-cost surface details can play very significant roles in the overall impression of a building surface. For instance, concrete floors are commonly used in our buildings, but they don’t always come out the same. Simple changes, like the location and style of a floor drain, can drastically alter how the floor looks and functions. Options like epoxy paint and concrete sealant are more visually obvious, and they can even alter the behavior of occupants using the building. Clean restrooms are less likely to be vandalized. Using non-porous finishes like FPR and tile make it difficult for bacteria to develop. This reduces the development of odor in the building. Each detail of building surfaces works together both aesthetically and functionally in different ways that affect the buildings use and perception.

Wood Tile Interior Design Option in Restroom Building

Considering the Building Components and Accessories

Another important design category is the building components and accessories. Depending on the type of facility being designed, there are many different types of accessories to consider for a new building. Small details such as the location and accessibility of a trash receptacle can impact the treatment of a restroom. Door handles and locking mechanisms provide different looks and functions, like remote access or timed locks. Lighting can include natural skylights with photo sensors for energy efficiency or modern LED lights with stylish fixtures. There are many types of accessories and each choice will impact the appearance and the operation of the building.

Concession Stand Interior with Attractive Steel Accessories

Working with Romtec on a Building Design

These are three basic areas that can be considered for design, but there are many other considerations like paint colors or colored block, vaulted ceilings, HVAC, and much more. Romtec designs buildings with an expert understanding of how each small detail can impact the building as a whole. Low-cost options can lead to dramatic improvement for a building, and sometimes top of the line options are actually the best value. Working with Romtec through your building design is a great way to get the building you want, including your major needs and all of the small details too!

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