Concrete Restroom with Metal Roof

Integrating Electrical and Irrigation Controls into a New Restroom

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Many Romtec restroom buildings include a mechanical room to house the building utilities like irrigation controls and electrical panels. These rooms are useful for maintenance personnel to access plumbing and electrical components. Mechanical rooms also make a great place for storage of custodial equipment and toiletries. For some locations, these rooms can also be used to house a variety of controls for park operation.

Concrete Restroom with Metal Roof

The City of Martinez’s Splash Pad Project

On a recent project in the City of Martinez, California, a new restroom building included the complete park controls in the mechanical room, and it is a process that other parks can use to improve park operation.

Romtec has included various controls in mechanical rooms for many years. A modern application of this is including controls for splash pads in mechanical rooms, but this same process can also be for more typical controls such as the project in Martinez. For this project, an existing building needed replaced but the building contained all the irrigation controls for Waterfront Park. The City of Martinez chose to use Romtec for the design, supply, and construction of the new restroom with the goal of maintaining its operation during installation.

Restroom Mechanical Room Housing Irrigation System

Demolition of an Existing Building with Irrigation Controls

The Romtec construction crew demolished the existing building while preserving the irrigation controls for the city. This included removing the existing foundation with a jack hammer around the existing conduit for the controls. The new foundation and restroom building were effectively built around the controls. Although this type of construction request is not typical, Romtec and our construction team are experienced with meeting custom requirements. A similar scenario in New Mexico required demolition and construction around existing electrical control panels. These types of services are tricky but very useful for certain scenarios.

Pool Pumps and Chemical Supply System Installed Inside Pool Building

Retrofitting Existing Irrigation Controls

After the Martinez installation was complete, the controls were retrofitted with new components, including the conduit and control devices. Romtec also installed a new 200 amp electrical panel to replace the 100 amp panel that was in the previous structure. Adding a 200 amp panel will give the City of Martinez the opportunity to upgrade its electrical services and controls to included park lighting and outlets. Romtec made sure that all the new and existing components would function properly with the 100 amp services and the 200 amp services when the electric company upgrades the system.

200 Amp Control Panel in Restroom

This is the specialized type of design, engineering, and on-site installation services that is common on Romtec projects. Although each project will undoubtedly have different goals, the focus and skill needed to solve unique problems is something that Romtec excels at on every project. The City of Martinez was very impressed with the success of this project because, even with such unique requirements, Romtec was able to complete the demolition and construction phases of this project with no problems or setbacks. If you have a restroom project that needs to integrate controls into a mechanical room, contact Romtec today to discuss your project details to see how we can get you the building you want.

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