Timber Post Pavilion at with Covered Area

Iowa DNR Restroom Design Standards

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Romtec recently supplied 17 buildings to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Most of these buildings went to Big Creek State Park with one restroom building going to Dolliver State Park and Ledges State Park. These parks structures were each designed by Romtec to establish a design standard for park structures managed by the Iowa DNR. Each project demonstrates how Romtec’s design capabilities provided each of these state parks with durable and attractive structures while displaying the desired design standards.

Timber Post Pavilion at with Covered Area

Big Creek State Park

For Big Creek State Park, fifteen structures were designed and supplied by Romtec, providing the park with nine beachside cabanas, three large timber pavilions, and three multi-user ADA restroom facilities. Each of these structures represented the design standards set by the Iowa DNR, which include matching park aesthetics and using robust concrete block construction. These structures provide visitors with recreational and practical facilities to expand the services of the park.

Matching Beach Pavilions

Ledges State Park

Ledges State Park got a two-room plumbed restroom from Romtec. For this park, it was particularly important that the restroom building be a site-built structure with durable materials because the park frequently experiences flooding from the Des Moines River. A Romtec building with concrete block construction is more durable than a stick built restroom and more permanently tied to the ground than a prefabricated concrete building. For these reasons, this type of building is believed to be better suited for surviving typical flood scenarios at the park than other construction methods. Additionally, Romtec provided the attractive siding options the Iowa DNR wanted to match the visual themes of the park.

Compact Restroom with Extended Roof

Dolliver State Park

At Dolliver State Park, many existing facilities exist including two rental lodges, cabins, boat launches, and hiking trails. The Iowa DNR was pleased that Romtec could provide the design and supply of a waterless restroom building constructed out of durable concrete block. The durability concern for this restroom building was also flooding due to the park’s proximity to the Des Moines River and Prairie Creek. The chosen siding options were selected to fit in with the extisting structures at the park including a nearby pavilion and two lodge buildings constructed during the 1930s.

Waterless Restroom with Stone Accents

The Iowa DNR was able to get 17 building from Romtec that met its chosen design standards. For the parks managed by the Iowa DNR, it was important that the new restroom buildings be constructed from durable concrete blocks, complementary to existing structures and themes, and also be attractive to park visitors. Romtec satisfied these design criteria with an expertise in concrete block construction, a wide array of design and aesthetic possibilities, and competitive pricing for a complete from a single-source manufacturer.

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