Restroom with Matching Buildings

Matching Buildings and Structures

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Restroom with Matching Buildings

Matching buildings are an easy way to create a clean and cohesive style throughout a project. They create an aesthetically pleasing look as well as make the recreation site easily identifiable from a distance. Matching buildings can be important for preserving the natural beauty of a landscape, upholding an iconic style that has been in place for many years, or providing a theme to your park or recreation space.

Romtec can provide matching buildings in a variety of ways. If a customer knows that they will be wanting identical buildings from the start of the project, all of the buildings can be ordered at the same time. A bulk order can save the customer a lot of time and money on the project. This was the case with the Dumbarton project, a “turnkey” project in which 6 buildings were supplied and constructed by Romtec. The buildings included a camp store, a gatehouse, two shower houses, and two “quattrorestroom buildings (with four bathrooms in each “quattro”).

Matching the Landscape

The buildings for the Dumbarton project are located at the Dumbarton Quarry Campground, so it was essential that the buildings matched the landscape and had a cohesive look. Romtec worked closely with East Bay Regional Parks to ensure that all of the buildings would meet their standards and would provide convenient amenities for visitors at the campground, improving their experience and giving the visitors more time to focus on making memories.

Matching Buildings at Playground Park

Preserving a Site’s Architectural Style

Romtec also specializes in matching a structure that is already existing on the site, providing a new building that goes cleanly into the location without disrupting the scenery and appeal of an area. When matching an existing structure, Romtec can match both standard and custom buildings, even if the original structures were not Romtec supplied.

In the Cascade Locks project, Romtec was contacted to supply a waterless restroom that would match an original plumbed restroom on site. This project was special as the historic building that needed to be matched was built in the 1930’s at Eagle Creek Campground, the first campground ever established in a National Forest.

The Forest Service brought the Eagle Creek project to Romtec to preserve the architectural style that they developed over the years. Romtec tackled this project as “turnkey” (design, supply, and construction) to ensure that we had complete control of the construction and could emulate the iconic style the Forest Service was looking for.

The control that Romtec had over the construction of the building allowed us to preserve a retaining wall from the original construction in the 1930s, and even add two sides to the retaining wall with rocks sourced from the same quarry as the original wall.

Historical Park Waterless Restroom

Following Design Standards

In some cases, local governments and developers will have their own set of design standards that need to be met. Some of these requirements might be energy efficient fixtures, particular colors or materials that need to be incorporated into the design of the building, or vandal resistant options.

Romtec’s experience with matching buildings and gathering materials from various different sources allows us to be more flexible when it comes to designing a building that meets standards by the customer and governing agencies. Romtec will work with the customer and the government or developer’s standards in order to deliver a building that meets the needs of the project and satisfies the reviewing entities.

With Romtec buildings supplied and constructed nationwide, our experts have worked with a variety of requirements and standards for buildings. Our ability to match buildings and match the local requirements for buildings is one of our greatest strengths, and one of the many reasons our customers continue to come back to Romtec. By purchasing numerous buildings through Romtec, our customers can rest assured that they will get the buildings they need and that all components on the building will match.

Matching Rain Slate Structures

Saving Money with Multiple Matching Structures

Romtec’s ability to design, supply, and construct multiple building types, (like on the Dumbarton project) allows our customer to save money by purchasing what they need through a single entity. Having different suppliers increases the number of contracts signed and can increase the money spent on a project. A single contract through Romtec saves our customer time, money, and hassle as there are fewer entities to coordinate with.

The experts at Romtec have the skills necessary to complete a project with multiple structures in the design and budget our customers need. Whether the structures simply need to match each other, or existing structures on site, Romtec is will go above and beyond to ensure that every detail is met for a cohesive final design while saving you money along the way.

Matching Buildings at State Park

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