Rustic Pavilion on Nature Preserve Located on Island

New Natural Log Pavilion on Kiket Island

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Rustic Pavilion on Nature Preserve Located on Island

Romtec is a design-build firm of site-built buildings and structures for many unique applications. Some of our projects utilize typical structural designs, but most projects require a custom approach to fit specific standards and preferences. One recent project near Kiket Island in Washington had Romtec design and supply a pavilion that fit the nature preserve’s standards. Part of these standards emphasized natural looking and rustic looking structures.

The Plan for Kiket Island

Kiket Island is home to the Kukutali Preserve and is part of the Deception Pass State Park. The island was recently opened to the public in June of 2014 and is owned by the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community and Washington State Parks. Visitors to the island have access to over two miles of hiking trails. There are plans to expand the trail system, add shelters, vault restrooms, and even an accessible boardwalk near the shoreline. Romtec was contacted by Collier Consulting who represented Washington State Parks to provide a natural log pavilion that fit the nature preserve’s standards.

Trail Head Pavilion with Natural Log Posts

The Log Pavilion Design

The log pavilion has a footprint of 320 sq. ft. and is located on the mainland near the tombolo that connects to the island. The natural look and feel of the pavilion was an important part of the design. Visitors to the park should remain immersed in an undeveloped Pacific Northwest environment. The rustic look off the structure was accomplished by hand-notching the log posts to fit together seamlessly. Our expert craftsmen utilized a chainsaw, scribing tool, and plenty of woodworking experience to seamless join together natural logs. First, the joint’s location is marked on the post with a scribing tool and a pencil. Next, a rough cut is made with a chainsaw removing most of the joint. Finally, a sander is used to make a precise fit down to the scribe line and the post is ready to be placed.

Assembling the log Pavilion

Our craftsmen assembled this pavilion upside down in the Romtec woodshop to ensure there would be an easy installation process on the project site. Romtec frequently completes this type of work for pavilions, but it is especially important with log materials. Joining a log pavilion together in this manner takes much more skill and labor, but the end result is a seamless structure without any modern steel brackets or obvious bolts. To complete the aesthetic, cedar shakes were used for the roofing material because they offer long lasting protection and maintain the natural look of this trailhead pavilion.

Log Post Being Hand-Notched by Craftsmen

Romtec has completed many pavilion and shelter projects that include hand-notched joinery. We can design your building or pavilion to include Our craftsmen assembled this pavilion you need to give it the aesthetic and functionality your project requires. Contact our Sales Team today and learn how our design-build services can benefit you!

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