Exterior Structural/Hardware Options

Curved Metal Roof on Vault Restroom
Steel Post Pavilion
Sports Park Restroom and Concession Area
Unique Restroom Concession in Zoo
Gazebo Style Pavilion
Compact Two Room Waterless Restroom
Limestone Exterior on Restroom Building
Multi-User Restroom with Extended Roof
Restroom with Single Pitched Roof
Retail Lodge with Covered Entryway
Glulam Beams Offer Robust Construction Materials

Structural/Hardware options samples

Aluminum Door Jambs for Securing Flood Gate

Flood Barriers

Aluminum door jambs can be installed to allow flood barrier grates to be erected and protect buildings from water damage.

Cantilevered Roof Extention Option

Cantilevered Roof

Cantilevered extensions stretch roof coverage without requiring posts.

Privacy Wing Wall

“L” Shaped Privacy Wall

Standard “L” shaped walls obscure viewing angles into restroom entrances.

Standalone Corrugated Steel Privacy Barrier

Two-Post Privacy Screen

This privacy screen obscures sight lines while being more open to foot traffic.

Cupula Roof Structural Feature

Roof Cupola

This cupola is installed on an octagonal building as a central feature.

Cupula Roof Structure Feature

Roof Cupola

This cupola is installed on an six-sided building as an aesthetic option.

Curved Metal Roof Option

Curved Roof

Curved roofs can be a stylish addition to any building or structure.

Custom Decorative Post Columns

Decorative Posts

Romtec can custom manufacture decorative steel and wood posts.

Dimensional Timber Decorative Truss Option

Decorative Trusses

Exterior trusses can be stylish design features with glulams, timbers, and steel.

Extended Roof Structural Feature Option

Large Roof Extensions

Roof extensions offer covered dining space and more recreation opportunities.

Stub Roof Truss Structural Feature Option

Small Roof Extensions

Small roofs can be extended in simple or unique ways for functionality and style.

Stub Bench Feature Option

Stub Walls & Benches

Romtec can construct stub walls or benches for your building exterior.

Log Post Support Option

Log Posts

Any structural post can be upgraded to log or steel components.

Skylight Structural Feature

Skylight Additions

Many styles of skylights can be added to the roofing structure of any building.

Multi Tiered Roof Structural Option

Multi-tier Roofs

Roof structures of buildings, pavilions, and other structure can be tiered.

Stylish Open Gable

Styled Gable Ends

The gable end truss of any roof extension or pavilion can be aesthetically styled.

Pergola Structural Feature Option


Pergolas are simple shade features that add style and value to any building.

Standing Privacy Wing Wall

Three-Post Privacy Screen

These privacy screens are sleeker than concrete while providing privacy.

Brick Floor Pavers

Brick Pavers

Brick Pavers can be used for sidewalks or even the flooring for a pavilion.

Dormers Allowing Natural Light Into Building

Roof Dormers

Dormers are a great way to add natural light to large buildings.

Modern Single Slope Roof Structural Feature

Single Pitch Roofs

Single-pitch roofs only slope one direction for a sleek and modern style.

Structurally Insulated Panel Roof


SIPs are Structural Insulated Panels that offer a wide variety of building benefits.

Column Footer Wrapped in Stone

Column Wraps

Building posts can be wrapped in many stylish materials to enhance the structure.

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