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New Romtec Product: Community Buildings

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Romtec now offers all design, engineering, manufacturing, and supply of Community Buildings, and you can get these buildings supplied with Romtec Turnkey Construction. These buildings represent the values of a community by offering services for specific activities, events, and organizations. Romtec designs every Community Building to meet the values of each unique community to provide an attractive and functional building that will comprise the exact features you want and need. Let’s look at some common applications for these multi-purpose buildings that might fit in with your goals.

Affordable Concrete Restroom with Storage

Sports Parks

Providing athletic facilities can be a great addition to any community. Athletic facilities like basketball courts, baseball fields, tennis courts, soccer fields, and multipurpose fields provide safe and healthy activities for all age groups. All types of sporting facilities can benefit from a Multi-purpose Building to offer indoor facilities for recreational leagues, concession stands for refreshments or checking out equipment, and maintenance facilities to keep the fields looking great. Romtec has completed many buildings for community sports facilities across the country. Ask about the many design options we can provide to get you the best building at your sports park.

Large Concession with Multi-User Restrooms at Sports Complex

Pools, Splash Pads, and Water Parks

Nothing brings people together in the summer months like a pool or splash pad, and Romtec can provide the complete designs for a Community Building at your water feature. Facilities for pools can include design features such as locker rooms, showers (interior and exterior), control rooms (for pumps and filters), ticket windows/rental counters/concessions, and much more. Romtec will include all types of practical and aesthetic features for your building at a pool or water feature. Your building will be designed to comply with all applicable codes to ensure a safe and accessible environment for your visitors.

Splash Pad Community Park

Community Gardens

A feature that is growing across the country is the community garden, and including a Romtec Community Building is a great way to incorporate this activity into a central hub for your city, neighborhood, or county. A building for a community garden can include many types of features from storage rooms, refrigeration, irrigation systems, cleaning stations, green houses, public kitchens, and much more. Cultivating sustainable produce in a community is a great way to build relationships, provide environmentally-friendly features, and generate food.

Community Buildings can take many other forms than these three applications. You can consider adding a theater with a stage or amphitheater or youth center. There are many forms a multi-purpose Building can take, and Romtec can design, manufacture, supply and install these buildings in any form. Our staff will work with you and your organization throughout the design process to make sure your building provides the exact facilities and services that you want for your community. Contact us today to start discussing your project!

Community Garden Building

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