Compact Four Room Bathroom

Project Update: Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline

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The East Bay Regional Park District used funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the Cosco Busan Recreational Use Grant Program to renovate Ferry Point in the Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline. The overall project included many park improvements and Romtec supplied a new ADA restroom building as well as additional site construction.

Compact Four Room Bathroom

Ferry Point previously offered three, single-user waterless toilets for park guests. The new Romtec restroom building is a plumbed facility that provides four private-entry restrooms with a central mechanical room for utility maintenance. Each restroom provides wheelchair clearance with stainless steel grab bars for accessibility. The restrooms also include stainless steel toilets and sinks to provide durable fixtures.

The complete restroom building occupies a nominal footprint of just 244 sq. ft. and is constructed from rugged CMU (concrete) block. Skylights in the building roof provide natural lighting for the restrooms, reducing the energy needs of the building, while wire mesh gable vents give the restrooms additional light and fresh air. This type of design and construction creates a durable and functional restroom with a low price and operating costs for the East Bay Regional Park District.

Restroom with Retaining Wall

In addition the restroom building, Romtec provided additional site construction for the Miller Knox project. The first feature was a stylish retaining wall with a dramatic serpentine curve. The above photo provides and aerial view of the restroom with the wall running behind it. The new retention wall gives the whole site an added element of visual interest through a simple structure.

Romtec also provided construction services for a new sidewalk that is also shown in the photo above. The sidewalk also includes flowing lines that echo not only the shoreline of the San Francisco Bay but also the paths that weave along the Ferry Point Loop Trail. Providing these additional construction services was a great way for the project managers to stay focused on park improvements while also completing a substantial area of construction through a single partner in Romtec.

The park improvement project also include adding areas of colorful native plants, drought tolerant plants, water-conserving grass meadows, kayak wash area, showers, and a fish cleaning station.

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