Great Looking Restroom with Covered Entry

Richmar Park in San Marcos, California

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Custom Single Pitch Restroom
Great Looking Restroom with Covered Entry
Patterned CMU Blocks on Community Park Restroom
Affordable Restroom in City Park
Extended Roof on Multi User Community Park Restroom
Modern Style Restroom in Playground Restroom

The Project

The Richmar Neighborhood in San Marcos, California is one of the oldest in the city and has seen several improvements in recent years in an effort to revitalize the area. One of these improvements was the establishment of the new Richmar Park. The City of San Marcos contacted Romtec to provide a multiuser restroom that was capable of fulfilling several roles at the location. One of the requirements was the need to include networking equipment within the building to provide wireless internet within the park. Maintenance personnel also needed to store equipment and any supplies in an easy to access location onsite. Finally, the building also needed to look as good as the rest the new park without the need for expensive aesthetic options. San Marcos also wanted to add an accessible play structure, picnic tables, and a shelter at Richmar Park for the most comfortable visitor experience.

The Solution

Romtec designed and supplied a great looking restroom to meet these requirements for the City of San Marcos for Richmar Park. To create the space needed, we took an existing floor plan for one of our concession restrooms and reconfigured it for this project. The concession area of the building is now three individual rooms, one for the buildings electrical, one for onsite storage by maintenance personnel, and one as an IDF room to house the networking and telecom equipment. Romtec designed this room with a constant, reliable source of power for proper functionality. Meeting the city’s aesthetic requirements was achieved through simple & effective means. The great looking exterior of the building comprises tri-colored CMU arranged in a pattern. The building’s wainscot further accents the pattern with the standard grey block. Lastly, the restroom was designed as a building with a single-slope roof for a modern look, this style of roof also requires less building materials than their gable counterparts. This building and all of Richmar Park is more evidence of the City of San Marco’s dedication to their parks & community.

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