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The best way to get a Romtec building done quickly and correctly is through our construction services for turnkey buildings. Turnkey simply means that after you approve the building the only other responsibility you have is to “turn the key” to unlock the building for the first time. There are several advantages to the turnkey approach. You know what you are going to get ahead of time. Projects run smoother and get completed faster. Special construction requests are easily included into the process.

Large Ski Lodge Being Constructed

Our Experience with Designs and Implementation

Romtec construction services mean that you know ahead of time exactly how your building will turn out. Romtec construction crews have substantial experience with the designs and supply packages of our buildings. This means that we can specify the complete building whether the components are a part of the supply or installation scope. Typically, these differences are on building elements such as paint/epoxy finishes, sidewalks, electrical breakers, lighting not attached to the building, irrigation, and more. When Romtec handles the construction, these elements are specified and supplied to meet your exact building needs, and everything is guaranteed to work correctly.

Custom Designed Building Being Constructed

Saving Time on Construction

Getting everything to work correctly with the design, supply, and installation leads to smoother and quicker completed buildings. There can be small discrepancies that occur during a building installation that can lead to delays. Often times, issues with a particular supply component or process are simply miscommunications; however, if a legitimate problem is found, there are usually other tasks that can be accomplished while a problem is being resolved. Romtec construction knows how to keep a project moving forward even if discrepancies occur. This creates a process for the customer where you never are burdened with any issues. We make sure your building is done correctly and on-schedule every time.

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Craftsman Solutions on Hand

Another strong advantage of Romtec construction is that our crews can handle special requests that are difficult to get otherwise. There have been projects where our construction crews have demolished a structure while retaining specific elements like electrical and irrigation controls. Then the new structure was built around the existing controls. Our crews have also added small, craftsman touches to improve the building appearance as it is constructed. Sometimes, building owners will see the building under construction and have an idea that wasn’t covered in the plan. Within reason, our crews have helped supply our customers with the small touches that make their building special.

Construction of Giant Romtec Building

Getting your building installed through Romtec construction has a lot of advantages. Knowing what you’re getting, enjoying a smooth process, and getting special requests fulfilled are just a few of the reason why Romtec construction might be right for your project. Contact Romtec today to see how our construction and turnkey services can help you get the building you want.

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