Prefabricated Log Cabin on Concrete Slab

Romtec Prefabricated and Site-Built Cabins

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Romtec offers new cabins with prefabricated models and site-built models. These two approaches provide our customers with the flexibility and design diversity that has made Romtec an industry leader in the design, supply, and construction of all types of buildings. There are distinct advantages to both approaches for getting cabins for your site through Romtec. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing between a prefabricated or site-built cabin.

Prefabricated Log Cabin on Concrete Slab

Cost & Materials

The biggest differences between the prefabricated and site-built cabins are the materials and costs for each unit. The prefabricated cabins are constructed out of conventional materials and are essentially “stick built” to a skid foundation. These materials are affordable and readily available from many vendors. The prefabricated cabins can be installed with many different options for siding, flooring, lighting, and so forth. There are many options for these prefabricated cabins to make them affordable or luxurious.

Site-built cabins are primarily constructed out of CMU (concrete) blocks. Concrete buildings are very robust and will last for decades with minimal maintenance. These materials are still relatively affordable when considering the strength and versatility of concrete block. Any type of siding, flooring, or other aesthetic consideration can be applied to the concrete structure to add great looks to this rugged structure. Choosing between on-site concrete construction and a prefabricated cabin is a decision between needing cabins that are fast and affordable or cabins that will last for the decades to come.

Customizable Cabin with Extended Roof and Metal Roofing


The installation options for prefabricated and site-built cabins give customers several choices. For Prefab cabins, the cabin can be delivered and “set-in-place” on a foundation chosen by the customer. Each prefab cabin is mounted on a skid style foundation that can be integrated into any other foundation option, such as slab or pier block setups. Site-built cabins are constructed on a concrete slab foundation that is poured onsite. Then, the cabin is fully constructed on the foundation to meet the building specifications.

With both cabin options, the site work can be completed through on-site staff, a contractor, or through Romtec. For Federal and state contracts, purchasing installation through Romtec can lead to substantial savings because of the negotiated discounts available for government purchasers. Private purchasers also get the advantage of using a “one-stop-shop” approach for the complete project by using Romtec for the cabin construction or installation.

Beautiful Vacation Cabin Interior


Each cabin option includes other advantages unique to the installation method and construction materials used. Some of these advantages were mentioned previously such as the speed of delivery and installation available with our prefabricated cabins or the durability of our site-built cabins. Both cabins are extremely customizable in terms of building features (like porches or skylights) and in terms of aesthetic options. Romtec can customize many of the features of your cabin whether it is pre-fabricated or site-built.

In addition to these benefits, every Romtec cabin is built to meet all the federal, state, and local code requirements that apply to human occupancy buildings for your job location. This includes receiving complete stamped and sealed plans with full product documentation. Additionally, Romtec can offer many different design options for environmentally responsible buildings that can help your project or park earn points toward LEED certification. Combined with our documentation, these options are a great advantage for park and campground owners.

Prefabricated Cabin with Porch

These new cabins from Romtec are exciting and have generated a lot of new fun and exciting projects. By offering cabins with prefabricated and site-built construction options, our clients can choose the best option to meet their project goals. With Romtec, you will get one of the best cabins available on the market designed, supplied, and installed to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get one of these great new buildings.

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