Themed Restroom with Stucco and Log Post Wing Walls

Saving Money on Custom Buildings

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Historical Park Waterless Restroom

Romtec provides standard designs for well over one-hundred unique building models, ranging from single waterless restrooms to large multipurpose community buildings. These standard models can be fully customized from the floor plan all the way to the finishing details. What’s special about working with Romtec is how our process has developed to save our customers money on custom buildings. Beginning in the preliminary design phase, our sales and engineering departments help with every step to get our customers the best design options while providing lower cost solutions to other aspects of the building.

Romtec has specific expertise when it comes to designing buildings with concrete blocks and other widely used building materials. The expertise of our engineering staff helps our customers by making it easy to alter our standard models to fit project specific application. This is the type of work Romtec does every day. Choosing a standard model is the fastest approach, but asking about customizing floor plans can be just as affordable. Since Romtec works exclusively on public restrooms and other public use buildings, we have the capabilities to provide custom, site specific designs to all 50 states, stamped and sealed.

Custom Sports Park Restroom

Custom Supply Components

Our manufacturing facilities allow us to save money on many custom supply components. This includes our paint shop, wood shop, and metal fabrication shop. On one project for Rancho Cordova, CA, our metal shop provided custom “cattail sculptures” to match a pavilion structure. Providing this type of fabrication work saved this project a lot of money to include a themed design feature for the park. Custom manufactured pieces don’t have to be complex to have significant savings. Often times, items such as mounting brackets and log posts can be much more affordable when they are manufactured by Romtec.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Buying Local

The other side to manufacturing is for components that are not manufactured by Romtec. There are many building components from faucets to door hardware that are not manufactured by Romtec. To get the best prices for our customers, we have researched and built relationships with vendors all across the country. You can get the nation’s best brands for building hardware at lower costs on Romtec buildings. We also take a cost-saving approach to shipping these components by purchasing locally to your jobsite. Heavy pallets of concrete block are manufactured in many hundreds of locations across the country. By reducing the shipping needs for our buildings, Romtec can pass the savings to our customers for any custom building components.

Custom Cedar Shack Sided Restroom Building

Turnkey Services

Finally, Romtec offers turnkey construction and government contracts to further reduce costs. Romtec Construction is the fastest and most trouble-free way to get a Romtec building installed. The level of familiarity and experience that our construction crew has with our buildings allows them to quickly install any of our structures from small to large. Government contracts are available at the state and federal level to save government purchasers money and to avoid the lengthy public bid process. Our list of states with contracts and agreements is always expanding, so contact us today to see if your state qualifies.

Custom buildings are preferred in many special and high-profile public applications. When these buildings are needed, you won’t need a mentality to simply spend whatever it takes. Romtec can get you the exact building you want for your special project while working with you through every step to save your project money. Designing, manufacturing, supplying, and installing public buildings is what Romtec has been doing for decades, and we use our experience to save you money.

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