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A New Splash Pad Restroom in Rancho Cordova

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External Shower on Custom facility
Rancho Cordova Restroom

Romtec recently finished installation on a turnkey restroom building at a Splash Pad at Sunridge Park for the Rancho Cordova Recreation and Park District in California. This restroom building is special in many ways, including several unique design requirements. This is a great project that demonstrates the distinctive capabilities of Romtec meet a customer’s precise needs for a new restroom building.

Custom Designed Features

One of the first features a person might notice on this building is the “cattail supports” on the cantilevered roof extension. These pieces were hand-crafted in Romtec’s metal shop to match a pavilion that was also part of the Sunridge Park project. The supports serve the functional purpose of supporting and stabilizing the building’s roof extension, and they also create a fun visual element for the children who will use the park.

The Splash Pad Feature

Sunridge Park will include a splash pad feature in addition to the structures. The Rancho Cordova Recreation and Park District chose to add exterior showers to the restroom building for people using the splash pad. Romtec included two exterior showers, one for adult-height users and one for child-height users. These ADA shower fixtures provide easily accessible showers for park-goers to rinse off after using the splash pad.

The roof for this restroom building is an interesting design feature chosen by the customer. Corrugated steel roofing by AEP Span was processed using “crimp curving” to create the distinctive elliptical roof of the restroom. The steel roof was painted with a metallic copper finish to match the new pavilion and to increase the fun visuals at the park.

The Exterior Design

The siding for this building starts with a Cultured Stone® wainscot. The natural “earthblend” stone colors match the park environment as well at the restroom color scheme. Above the wainscot, Hardie® concrete lap siding adds to the building’s appearance while also providing excellent weather protection. The arched gables include steel mesh vents for ventilation and steel truss supports. The steel trusses and vents were painted to match the lap siding color.

Romtec is the nation’s best at designing and manufacturing complete restroom buildings for special projects like Sunridge Park. The Rancho Cordova Recreation and Park District got the exact building they wanted from a single company that could provide the complete design, manufacturing, delivery, and installation. Projects like this one really demonstrate the expertise of Romtec.

Lap Siding with Curved Roof

For more information on Romtec’s design features, view our Exterior Design Gallery section.

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