Durable Concrete Lift Station Control Building

Shelters and Control Buildings for Industrial Applications

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Romtec designs and supplies buildings for all types of public parks and recreation applications, but Romtec also provides control buildings and shelters that are suitable for a wide range of uses like industrial facilities and utility districts. Often times these structures are used to protect sensitive equipment from harsh weather, like frost or direct sunlight, which can wear down the equipment. At other sites, these structures might be used for security, lighting, auxiliary power storage, gantry cranes, and many other purposes. Romtec designs each and every building to meet all the requirement for a specific site. For control buildings and shelters, this means that you get the exact structure you need every time.

Grants Pass Wastewater Restoration Plant

This water treatment plant collects sewage and wastewater from over 10,000 homes and businesses in the Grants Pass area in Oregon. Two years ago, the plant worked with the Energy Trust of Oregon to upgrade its UV filtration system to reduce the amount of power consumption for the plant. One aspect of this system upgrade was to replace an aging building in need of maintenance with a large, new steel pavilion. This pavilion offers weather protection for the new UV treatment equipment as well as for employees of the treatment plant operating the equipment. This pavilion also is a much easier structure to maintain. With a solid steel frame and metal roofing, this control shelter pavilion was engineered to operate for many years to come, and it includes lighting and a crane for a fully functional structure.

Steel Pavilion Covering Treatment Equipment

Bayside Residential Development

A new residential development called Bayside in Washington needed a new pump station for handling sewage from the new houses. This project also required a control building for the pump station electrical controls and a blower motor system. Romtec Utilities, our sister company, worked with the developer and the City of Bremerton for the pump station, so we reached out to them about the control building. After seeing our structural expertise and our ability to meet special project requirements, both parties wanted a Romtec control building. This additionally allowed the building to include custom aesthetic considerations with blue gable siding and matching blue accents. In the end, Romtec provided a more functional and better looking building than other options for the control building.

Durable Concrete Lift Station Control Building

Lake Morena Booster Pump Station

An update to the Lake Morena Booster pump station required two new control buildings for new pump stations and their controls. Due to levels of nitrates that surpassed the maximum concentration levels, a new treatment process was required as well as new booster pump stations. Romtec worked with the Lake Morena Oak Shores Mutual Water Company and their engineers and contractors to design and supply two buildings that could house the pumping systems while meeting any and all code requirements. These buildings included several unique features including roof hatches to lift and lower pumps from in the building to the outside. Romtec also provided roll-up doors, HVAC, and interior and exterior lighting to meet all of the operation requirements for the Lake Morena Oak Shores staff.

Durable Control Building Protecting Equipment

Romtec works with many entities, including Romtec Utilities, to supply control buildings and shelters. There are all types of applications where specialists understand mechanical or electrical engineering but are not suited to meet structural requirements. In these scenarios, partnering with Romtec is a great option because we always work to meet special requirements on nearly every project. Romtec also has experience working at all type of facilities, including large industrial complexes. For more information or more project examples, contact Romtec today to get your control building project started!

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