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Stone Options for Romtec Buildings

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Faux Stone Wainscoting with Board and Batten

Romtec frequently designs, supplies, and installs buildings with stone features such as siding. Stone has been used as a building material since mankind started building, but today we admire it more for its aesthetics than for its uses in construction. Stone buildings can look historic, rustic, regional, and even modern with newer cutting and installation methods. Due to its popularity, stone is a common design option with many construction projects, and there are a lot of options to consider about how to meet your project goals for a stone building from Romtec.

Natural Stone

Waterless Restroom with Stone Exterio

Natural stone is the first option to discuss when looking at stone construction. There is no substitute for real stone. It is durable, solid, and attractive. Many customers request natural stone materials because it is a part of their regional style or because they want to match an existing stone building. These are the best reasons for choosing natural stone. When attempting to match a specific local or regional stone material, natural stone is the only authentic choice. Natural stone requires very little maintenance and does not greatly diminish in appearance with scuffs and abrasions.

When Romtec designs a building with natural stone, we try to work with your local vendors to get you the best materials within the shortest distance from your job site. This saves you money and gets your building the best materials from your unique region. Getting local materials is a great addition to any high-profile building project. Designing and building nationally has given Romtec the opportunity to work with many friendly stone vendors across the country. When you need natural stone at an affordable price, Romtec has the means and experience to provide it on any project.

Engineered and Faux Stone

Two Room Restroom with Stone Veneer

In spite of natural stone’s advantages, it can be difficult to use on some projects because it can be costly and is heavy, requiring sturdier foundations and structures. In these circumstances, Romtec can supply engineered stone or faux stone. These two options are not the same. Engineered stone is stone aggregate that is bound together with different types of synthetic resins and mixed with various coloring agents. It is then molded into the shapes of individual stones. Engineered stone is installed with grout just like natural stone, but it weighs significantly less than natural stone.

Faux stone is most often found as stone veneer. It is made by mixing concrete into molds that fit together in small “sheets.” The molds contain different coloring methods to make the cement appear as if it were natural stone. Using faux stone is advantageous because it weighs less than other options and is very affordable. Faux stone is also very easy to install as it can go up in manufactured segments. It can even be created to resemble brick. Romtec always supplies and specifies the best materials for engineered stone and faux stone. We make sure that your project gets the best available in terms of quality and cost.

Engineered and faux stone are popular options primarily because of time and cost savings. These options weigh less, so construction of the foundation and structure don’t need the design and material strengths as for natural stone, saving money. Manufacturing these products also costs much less than quarrying natural stone. Additionally, they were engineered to be used specifically for construction, meaning they require less installation time and can be installed more reliably by any contractor.

Uses for Stone

Gazebo Style Pavilion

The largest application for stone on Romtec buildings is for exterior siding. Stone siding gives the overall aesthetic of a solid stone structure. This allows the building to be constructed through stronger, more modern, and more affordable methods while giving your building the right look. Romtec can also use stone as a way to accent your building. Buildings, pavilions, and other structures with posts or columns can be “wrapped” in stone materials. This is a great way to visually tie two structures together or to columns a unique and robust appearance. This same type of design can be applied to privacy or stub walls used on your building. Whatever the application, from sidewalks, floors, walls, and more, Romtec can use stone to make your building attractive and durable for a long time.

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