Guard House

The Advantages of Using Purchasing Contracts

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Guard House

Romtec is a leading designer, supplier, and constructor of buildings and structures suitable for a number of applications. Each project includes a site-specific design with all necessary documentation, supply of the construction materials, and installation services when necessary. Many of our customers are public entities or other organizations that qualify for significant discounts on our products through a procurement contract (GSA, CMAS, AEPA). Utilizing these contracts not only saves money but it can greatly simplify the process of procuring a new building or structure.

New Vault Restroom Designed to Match Historic Forest Service Building

Bypassing the Public Bid Process

Purchasing contracts offer great advantages to customers and vendors. One of the most significant advantages for customers is bypassing the public bid process. Depending on the product or service required, this process can take months to prepare the proper specifications while monitoring bidders. Employees must dedicate dozens of hours before the project can move forward. Purchasing through a procurement contract allows organizations to purchase the item directly at a competitive price saving time and money.

Procurement contracts are pre-negotiated between the vendor and the purchasing cooperative to ensure all customers get the most competitive prices. It is the vendor’s responsibility to update their pricing frequently in order to maintain each contract and to provide the best value to its members. Customers can be sure they are spending tax dollars wisely on a given product or service by purchasing it through a contract.

Attractive Pavilion Structure with Dramatic Trusses and Stone Wraps

Free Membership for Customers

Another great advantage of procuring goods and services through a purchasing contract is that membership is often free for customers. All membership fees and dues are paid for by vendors. Working through one of these contracts is beneficial for both customers and vendors by expediting the process and increasing our audience. There are many different contracts available throughout the United States, and your organization may qualify for more than one. Romtec has a contract specialist who can answer any questions about purchasing through a contract and your organizations eligibility.

Aquatic Building for Community Pool

Save Money with Purchasing Contracts

Federal supply contracts, purchasing cooperatives, and multiple-award schedules offer a significant value for customers and vendors. This process may not be necessary for every purchasing decision, but when it comes to large purchases, such as buildings or structures, these contracts offer the highest savings the vendor can provide. Understanding your organization’s needs and how to utilize contracts is a great resource for spending public funds responsibly. Call Romtec today to see if your organization qualifies for membership or have questions about purchasing a building or structure through a procurement contract.

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