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The Romtec Woodshop Renovation is Complete

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Woodshop Forward Interior

Four months ago, almost to the day, a small electrical fire broke out in the Romtec woodshop burning part of the production area. Thanks to the firefighters from the Glide Rural Fire Protection District and Douglas County Fire District No. 2, the shop damage was contained to a small area. The entire shop was gutted to inspect the building integrity and to rewire the building’s electrical system. For four months, several individuals at Romtec have been engaged in completing the woodshop renovations, and today, the Romtec woodshop is officially back in business!

Damage From Fire

Business at Romtec is picking up in preparation for the prime construction months ahead. Having the woodshop production open before winter ends gives our production crews a leg up on meeting the schedule demands of our current customers. The woodshop offers more comfortable and specialized working conditions during our busiest months of the year. This facility is a tremendous resource for Romtec for manufacturing log structures, trusses, pavilions & roof extensions, privacy walls, tables & benches, and many other wood structures or components. Production hasn’t been impeded during the Woodshop renovation process, but it is very exciting to have a new, clean, safe, and devoted working space again.

Woodshop Rear Interior

Please contact us if you are interested in our wood structures and components and you will see why Romtec is an industry leader for public restrooms, specialized buildings, and open structures for parks and recreation facilities across the United States!

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