Adding Style and Interest with Unique Pavilions and Shelters

Pavilion with Attractive Glulam Beams and Steel Posts

Romtec works on all types of park and recreation structures, from public restrooms to utility buildings. We also provide all design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, and installation services required for any turnkey project. Our complete services have allowed us the opportunity to be a part of many different types of projects, and pavilions and shelters are very popular features to add to many different recreational spaces. One easy way to dramatically increase the “wow factor” or your recreation destination is to add a pavilion or shelters that includes unique design options. These structures not only provide a valuable service to guests, they help improve the identity of the park. Here are some easy ways to improve your recreational facility with a pavilion or shelter.

Our first tip is to try something different with the columns. Columns can be as simple as a single post, but using multiple posts in a column group can add a lot of visual interest. Romtec frequently groups columns together in sets of 2, 3, and 4 posts. You can also use columns at angles. This can be as simple as placing angled columns on the outside edges of the structure. You can also angle groupings of column posts in groups. Groups of twos in a “V” shape or in threes with a pyramid shape can be employed. In some cases, columns used in this way can extend into the roof trusses to create a striking visual feature.  These uses of columns are much more dramatic and add a very modern style to the pavilion or shelter.

If you are not interested in using multiple columns, you can also choose logs as a stylish material option. Logs have a classical style that fits in with most any application that includes rustic and natural themes. A log pavilion can be very simple from a structural standpoint, but these construction materials add a great aesthetic that will benefit and pavilion or shelter.

Timber Post Shelter with Unique Design and Appearance

Another good tip with pavilions and shelters is to employ column wraps and/or footings. These features can work in a variety of different ways to “break up” the column height visually. Essentially, these features are either a pedestal base or a “wrap” on the column itself, where the former is structural and the latter is decorative. In projects where there is a building onsite, these features can include the same materials from the building exterior to add in consistency to the building. If a wainscot is used, they can also match that feature. Footings and column wraps provide a high-end touch to otherwise simple pavilions and shelters.

One final idea for increasing the visual appeal of your pavilion or shelter is to do something different with the roof structure. One of the most popular styles we provide at Romtec is the single-slope roof structure. This appears very modern in an application, but there are additional ways to enhance a pavilion roof. Another good option is to add skylights or dormers to brighten the covered area while still offering good weather protection. You can also frame in the gables and ceiling for an old-timey look. With open-trusses, you can select brackets, trusses patterns, and more options to enhance the aesthetic look of the roof structure. There are a lot of options to add interest to the roof of a pavilion or shelter. Romtec has even completed projects with curved roofs!

Great Looking Trailhead Pavilion with Curved Metal Roof

Pavilions and shelters offer park visitors a comfortable place to enjoy parks and recreation with an escape from potentially unpleasant weather. These can be simple, no-frill structures, but they can also be focal pieces at a location. Simple adjustments to the design of a pavilion or shelter can have dramatic affects to its overall appearance. These tips are a few ways that you can really improve any Romtec structure. Contact our Sales Team today to learn more about all of our stylish design services.

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