Decorative Columns and Building Design

Timber Post Shelter with Unique Design and Appearance

Romtec designs, supplies, and installs buildings and structures for a wide variety of applications, including city parks and other recreational locations. One of the specialties of Romtec is our ability to include any design features onto our buildings to match any visual or architectural theme. Columns are frequently included on buildings and can play an important role accenting a building aesthetic or even defining the aesthetic of shelter entirely. These prominent structural components are available in many styles and materials to meet nearly any type of design that your project requires.

Municipal Pool Building with Lifeguard Equipment and Restrooms with Showers

Columns on buildings and structures are typically structural elements that are integral to the design calculations. Pavilions, covered porches, and roof extensions are all impossible without including structural columns. However, many buildings and structures that are designed by Romtec have aesthetic value to add to the location. Providing a utilitarian column in these situations is often not possible. Adorning columns with decorative features, like stone veneer, is one of the most noticeable ways to accent visual design features found on the main building structure. Most pillars on Romtec buildings are two main sections, the footer and the pillar.

The footer section of a pillar has several options for decorating the column. By far our most popular option is applying a stone veneer to the footer section of a structural column. This will often reflect the wainscot of the main exterior walls of the building. There are two primary categories of stone veneer, natural stone and faux stone. Natural stone is a classic building material that has been used in construction for thousands of years. Although significantly heavier than its synthetic counterpart, natural stone is a very robust material. Another option is faux stone, and it offers many benefits due to its engineered construction. Faux stone will often be cast in thin panels using Portland cement and can match the appearance of any type of stone. Veneer wraps can be applied to any height along the column, but many buildings benefit from the visual appeal of an exposed pillar section.

Green Building Techniques on Steel Pavilion

Pillars, commonly referred to as posts, are the other significant sections of columns. These can be constructed with many building materials, including steel, CMU, and even rustic log posts. Depending on the selected material, finishes and paint can be applied to further alter the appearance, and some finishes can enhance the properties of the pillar material. Anti-graffiti coatings are a great example of this and protect posts from tagging and other vandalism. Wood finishes for log and timber posts can increase weather protection and provide a clean appearance. Often times, using the correct post material can be another good way to establish a theme that reflects the main structure of the building. The footer and the pillar work together to create two aesthetic elements out of an otherwise utilitarian structural unit.

Steel Post Pavilion with Wood Roof Structure

Romtec frequently includes decorative columns in the designs of our buildings and structures. We can include any material requested on these structural components to match surrounding buildings or local design trends. Romtec recommends coordinating the design of decorative columns around exterior design features of the main building and will work with customers to achieve their visions for their specific project needs. Call Romtec today for more information about all of the design options available for your next project!

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