Energy Efficient Options in Public Restrooms

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Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs buildings and structures for all types of different applications. Each project requires strong communication between our customers and Romtec, and energy efficiency is a frequent topic of discussion. Designing a building with energy efficient options can produce significant savings over the life-span of the building. Romtec has provided energy efficient options in countless configurations and can be a valuable resource when selecting energy efficient options in your project.

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Energy efficiency in restrooms, shower buildings, and other public facilities can be achieved through several options in the buildings design. Thermal insulation is one of the most important considerations for conserving energy. Regulating interior temperatures requires a significant amount of power and poorly insulated walls and roofs can leak warm and cool air and require HVACs to work harder. Structurally insulated panels, or SIPs, are one of Romtec’s preferred construction materials for walls and roofing to provide optimal thermal resistance in the building. Traditional insulation materials can also be used to create nearly impermeable barriers to maintain a comfortable interior temperature for visitors.

Another concern of energy efficiency in public restrooms, showers, and concession buildings are water heaters. There are two options for delivering hot water in a building; on-demand water heaters and tank water heaters. On-demand heating units use more power than traditional tank units, but they do not need to maintain a constant supply of hot water. These units are especially useful in remote locations with low traffic. Tank water heaters are more effective in applications with more users where demand is higher. Both options can easily be integrated into the design of the building and visitors will often not be able to tell the difference when using the facility.

Lighting is the last area of energy efficiency we’ll be discussing today, but it has one of the largest impacts on user experience. Choosing the right lighting can transform a simple utilitarian structure into an enjoyable experience for visitors. There are dozens of possible lighting configurations. Making the most of natural lighting is often considered the best practice in lighting. Installing skylights and gable windows will allow plenty of natural light into the building. Pairing this natural lighting with photocells or motion sensors allows lighting to be activated when they are needed. Additionally, timers can produce the same effect and eliminate the need for personnel to visit each site and interact with them manually. Lighting in public restrooms and other buildings is often required to meet accessibility requirements, but the right building layout will take these into consideration to ensure proper visitor visibility.

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Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly relevant in public building projects. There are many areas where energy can be lost in a building, but insulation, water heating units, and lighting are some of the biggest of concern that can easily be mended. Designing for sustainability often requires more upfront costs, but reducing the power used in the building will provide a substantial net benefit over the lifespan of a building. Romtec can provide all of these options and more into your building’s floorplan. Contact Romtec today and we’ll get started on your sustainable building!

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