Getting the Right Water Heater in Your Building

Restroom with Exterior Shower Fixture and Local Art

Romtec designs, supplies, and constructs many different types of buildings and structures for a wide-range of applications. A lot of our building models are plumbed facilities that serve as restrooms, shower buildings, concessions, and other public services, and the majority of these facilities will include water heaters. Hot water can be a creature comfort for building occupants or it can be required for the operation of the facility. In fact, providing hot water in a public facility can even be a health and sanitation requirement in some regions. Providing hot water is as simple as adding a water heater, but there are many types of water heaters available that Romtec can include in your building designs.

Maintenance and Storage Room

Getting the right water heater involves defining the needs and demands of your facility and finding a product that correctly meets the criteria. The typical concerns for selecting a water heater are the cost of the unit, the efficiency of the unit, the capacity of the unit, and the maintenance of the unit. The best selection will deliver in all of these categories, but as with most things in life, getting high-performance in one category may sacrifice another category. Additionally, water heaters can operate on a few different energy sources, so it is a good idea to consider what types of energy are available and what will be the best long-term option for the operation of the building.

The most common form of water heater is the tank storage water heater. These water heaters use tanks of various sizes, ranging from 5-gallon to over 100-gallon tanks. They commonly operate on electricity, natural gas, propane, and solar power, but not every energy type will be available or practical. Tank storage water heaters have a lower up-front cost, and they are easy to install and maintain for most personnel. These products are also very reliable and have been a tried a true technology for many years. Tank storage water heaters fall short in other areas. These units have a shorter lifespan than other technologies, and they experience “standby energy loss” from storing hot water, reducing energy efficiency. They can also be inconvenient in heavy-use facilities, as they need time to heat water after the tank has been used.

Convenient Tankless Water Heater

Demand water heaters (also called “tankless”) provide hot water as it is used and do not require time for heating. This can help a facility with showers meet the demands of frequent use. Demand water heaters utilize the same energy sources as tank storage units and can improve the energy efficiency of your facility. However, the efficiency of these units tends to produce diminishing returns as more water is used, and it may be necessary to install multiple units in facilities where hot water is used in several locations at the same time. Demand water heaters also have a higher cost and a higher cost for installation, but their lifespan can be as much as double that of a tank storage unit, leading to lifetime savings in some instances.

Romtec has completed hundreds of projects that utilize tank storage units and demand units for water heating. Our architectural design experts understand how to design facilities with all types of water heaters. Choosing the right unit for your facility involves understanding the facility requirements for hot water as well as the cost, efficiency, and maintenance needs. Romtec always makes sure that our clients get the best products with reliable manufacturers and warranties for the long-term success of their facility. Contact our sales staff today to learn more about our building and about getting the best water heaters for your facility.

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