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Pine Valley County Park - Pavilion 2

Fire Resistant Structures

Spencer Whistle Stop, AK - 2

Matching Buildings and Structures

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Turnkey and Installation Projects with Romtec


Small Communities Accomplish Big Projects with Romtec

Modern Single Pitch Roof Pavilion

Get Value Engineering for Your Building

Government Service Contracts

Saving Time & Money with Government Contracts

Themed Restroom with Stucco and Log Post Wing Walls

Saving Money on Custom Buildings

Compact Three Room Waterless Restroom

Saving Money with Romtec

Economical Double Restroom

Getting Buildings with a Limited Budget


The Advantages of Using Purchasing Contracts

Building Design with Drawing

Building Design Advantages with Romtec

Restroom with Shower and Several Independant Storage Rooms for Equipment

Combining New Restrooms and Public Utilities to Save Money

Timber Pavilion Purchased Through Public Procurement

Romtec is Available for Direct Purchase on BuyBoard

Giant Stick Built Lodge with Outside Dining Area

Romtec Offers Large “Stick-Framed” Buildings & Turnkey Construction


Log Post Buildings & Structures with Romtec

Large Pavilion with Glulam Beam Trusses

Different Types of Composite Woods

Five Room Boat Launch Restroom

Energy Efficient Options in Public Restrooms

Concession Restroom with Double Windows

Getting The Best Concession Building


Great Accessory Options: Bottle Filling Stations

Aquatic Building with Showers Staff Office and Restrooms

Getting Creative with Building Roof Structures


The Advantages of Using Romtec Dry Stack Block


Lighting Options in Buildings & Structures


Adding Specialty Park Experiences in Colorado

Pavilion with Attractive Glulam Beams and Steel Posts

Adding Style and Interest with Unique Pavilions and Shelters


The Unique Restroom Installation at Jenner Headlands

Porcelain Toilet with Steel Grab Bars

ADA Accessibility & Building Design

Utility Shed w/ Exterior Equipment Shelter

Specialized Buildings & Structures – Utility Buildings

Aquatic Building with Showers Staff Office and Restrooms

Specialized Buildings & Structures – Aquatic Buildings

Multiuser Shower Restroom Building for Lake Campground

Specialized Buildings & Structures – Campgrounds

Matching Building with Light Green Features

Specialized Buildings & Structures – Sports Complexes

Downtown Restroom on City Street Corner

Specialized Buildings & Structures – Sidewalk Restrooms

Vault Restroom with Porch in State Park Trailhead

Specialized Buildings & Structures – Trailheads

Impressive Waterless Restroom for Historically Significant Campground in Oregon

High Quality Vault Restrooms & Remote Areas

Restroom Building in Flood Plain with FEMA Rated Protections

Project Update: Building Protection from Severe Weather at Island Park

Custom Design Features Chosen For Specific Restroom Application

The Complete Building Process with Romtec

Site-Built Restroom Withstanding Flood

Protecting Buildings & Structures Against Floods

Sport Concession and Restroom Building

The Health Benefits of Outdoor Recreation

Pair of Single Room Waterless Bathrooms

Designing Buildings for Heavy Snow Applications

Single User Restroom with Patterned Tile Walls and Epoxy Floor

Self-Flush Toilets & Automatic Restroom Fixtures

Timber Post Shelter with Unique Design and Appearance

Decorative Columns and Building Design

New Vault Restroom Designed to Match Historic Forest Service Building

Understanding the Romtec Preliminary Design Phase and Plan Set Phase

Vault Restroom with Glass Block Option for Natural Lighting

Good Building Design Focuses on the Details

Porcelain Toilets and Sinks for Classic Appearance

Material Options for Restroom Fixtures and Accessories

Attractive Booster Pump Station Control Building

Control Buildings for Municipal Pumping Systems

Tagging Public Restrooms with Graffiti is a Common Concern in Parks and Rec Applications

Preventing and Removing Graffiti – Best Management Practices

Sidewalk Restroom with Exterior Sinks Power Coated Exterior and Interior Occupancy Lights

Romtec Steel Finishes for Structures and Building Materials

Metal Roofing Designed to Imitate Cedar Shakes for Aesthetic Value

Synthetic Roofing Materials: Shakes, Shingles, and More!

High Quality Restroom Interior with Tile and Porcelain Sink Fixtures

Public Restrooms & Interior Wall Options

Multipurpose Restroom Facility in Open Park by the River

Gable Ends: Windows or Vents?

Restroom Building Interior with Stainelss Steel Accessory Options

Trash Bins & Restroom Design

Concrete Foundation for New Building Being Finished

Working with Foundation Design Requirements

Single Pitch Roof Restroom with Colored Block Arranged in Pattern

Common Appearance Options for Concrete Block

New Vault Restroom Designed to Match Historic Forest Service Building

Matching Historic Forest Service Restroom at Cascade Locks

Controls Inside Park Building for Electrical Systems

Benefits of Dedicating Space in a Building Mechanical Room

Attractive Black HDPE Privacy Barriers and Porcelain Sinks

Choosing the Best Material for Restroom Partitions

Great Looking Community Building for Public Pool

Community Pools and Aquatic Facilities with Romtec

Restroom with Exterior Shower Fixture and Local Art

Getting the Right Water Heater in Your Building

Great Looking Restroom in School Field

Designing Buildings for DSA Approval

Steel Post Pavilion with Wood Roof Structure

Fire Ratings on Wood Structures

Beaver Dam in Northwest Arkansas

Years of Success with the United States Army Corps of Engineers – Little Rock District

Convenient Weather Station in Park

Information Center at Sycamore Grove Park

Shower Panel Designed for ADA Accessibility

New Romtec Non-Proprietary Shower Panels


Roof Designs and Air Conditioning for Park Buildings

Tagging Public Restrooms with Graffiti is a Common Concern in Parks and Rec Applications

Graffiti Removal or Anti-Graffiti Coatings for Buildings

Heat Recovery System in Attic Space for Most Efficient Use of Space

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Roof Structure of Site-Built Building Being Installed

Site-Built Construction Advantages for Public Buildings

Waterless Restroom on Golf Course without Need for Plumbing

Getting the Best Vault Toilets & Waterless Restrooms

Mobile Roll Forming Machine Producing Metal Roofing

Roll Forming Metal Roofing

Damage From Fire

Utilizing Active Fire Protection vs Passive Fire Protection

Romtec Manufactured Many of the Components Used in This Roof Structure

Manufacturing Solutions for Everyday Problems

Park Weather Center with Digital Tablet for Guests to Use

Designing Parks & Rec Buildings with Integrated WiFi

Double Sidewalk Restroom with Matte Grey Exterior

Urban Restroom Innovations with the Sidewalk Restroom

Door with Durable Stainless Steel Locking Mechanism with Protection

Door Lock Options for Restrooms and other Public Access Buildings

Romtec Pallet Ready for Delivery with Weather Protection

Staging and Palletizing a Romtec Building

Shower Building with Lifeguard Room

Best Practices for Pool House Buildings

Restroom Interior with Great Looking Accessories

Choosing Non-Porous Surfaces for Public Buildings

Pavilion with Attractive Glulam Beams and Steel Posts

New Inclusive Park with Accessible Buildings

Single Pitch Roof Shelter with Unique Living Roof

Designing Environmentally Friendly Buildings

Unique Restroom with Locally Inspired Mosaic

Getting the Right Custom Design Features for Your Project

Hand Drawn Restroom for Design

Making a Concept a Reality with Romtec

Concession Restroom Interior with Steel Sink FRP Siding

Concession Buildings Designed to Meet Any Retail & Food Service Codes

Stylish Concession Restroom in Community Park

Completed Project: Westlake Community Park in California

Single User Vault Restroom on Catalina Island

Packaged Buildings for Any Project – Catalina Island, CA

Durable Concrete Lift Station Control Building

Shelters and Control Buildings for Industrial Applications

Rustic Pavilion on Nature Preserve Located on Island

New Natural Log Pavilion on Kiket Island

Beautiful Stone Monument in City Park

A Monument Construction Project from Romtec

Pavilion Made with Powder Coated Stainless Steel

Preassembly for Custom Structures

Large Parking Gatehouse Building

Getting Matching Buildings through Romtec

Modern Multi User Restroom in Historic Log Cabin Museum

Completed Project: Log Cabin Village in Texas

Waterless Restroom with Easy Maintenance

The Value of Good Restroom Maintenance

Clean Exterior on Public Building

How Does Anti-Graffiti Coating Work on Buildings?

Custom Single Pitch Restroom

Project Update: Richmar Park in San Marcos, CA

Restroom Interior Accessories

Romtec Website Adds Interior Design Options

Epoxy Floor and Stainless Steel Drain

Understanding Restroom Floor Drains

Two Room Sidewalk Restroom at Transit Center

New Double Sidewalk Restroom at a Bus Station

Diagram Explaining Speed Block

The Advantages of Speed Block

Corrugated Metal Exterior on Playground Restroom

Understanding Galvanizing Metal Building Components

Four Post Timber Pavilion with Metal Roof

Best Practices for Pavilion Foundations

Sports Park with Community Building

Navigating Building Priorities with Romtec

Large Concession Restroom Building in Park

Requirements for Mixed-Occupancy Buildings

Insulated CMU Block Being Installed

Product Spotlight: InsulTech® by Northfield Block Company

Multi-User Restroom with Extended Roof

The Benefits of adding a Covered Porch to Your Park Building

Themed Control Building on Lift Station

Project Spotlight: Gossamer Grove Lift Station Control Building

Custom Aesthetics on Buildings

Matching Site Themes & Architectural Aesthetics

Construction Ensuing on Large Building

Additional Construction Services from Romtec

Concession Restroom Building with Timber Post Cover

How to Get the Best Concession Stand

Robust Storm Shelter

Storm Shelters as Restrooms, Control Buildings, and More!

Shelter for Protecting Components

Romtec Shelters for All Types of Applications

Waterless Restroom in the Woods

Romtec is Selling Accessories on Amazon

Steel Post Pavilion

Pavilions: Log, Steel, & Timber

Compact Four Room Restroom on Boat Launch

Project Update: Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline

Unique Colored CMU Block

When to Paint vs. When to Powder Coat Metal Components

Site-Built Restroom Withstanding Flood

How Romtec Buildings Survive Extreme Weather

Ventilation Unit on Exterior of Restroom

HVAC – Heating, Ventilating, & Air-Conditioning

Building with a Combination of Colored Blocks

Colored Block

Set of Matching Buildings

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Romtec Building

Sidewalk Restroom with City Decal

Getting the Most from an Inner-City Public Restroom

Colored Concrete Floor and Benches

Concrete Floors for Restroom Buildings

Concrete Restroom with Unique Roof

Public Restrooms for Every Application

A Vault Toilet and Matching Guardhouse

Vault Toilet Designed to Match an Historic Guardhouse

Large Timber Post Pavilion

Beat the Heat with Pavilions and Shelters

Attractive Restroom with Lap Siding and Stone Wainscoting

Meeting a Consistent Design Standard

Park Entry Gatehouse

Romtec Gatehouse Versatility

Community Building with Garage Door

Romtec Site-Built Storage Buildings

Five Room Shower Restroom Building

Structures for Campgrounds

Accessible Restroom with Drinking Fountains

How Romtec Works with Landscape Architects

Large Maintenance Building with Vehicle Bays

Large Maintenance Buildings

National Cold War Memorial Public Restroom Building

Cold War Memorial Flyover

Concession Restroom Building with Timber Post Cover

The Beauty of Glulam Beams

Custom Building During Construction

Get Turnkey Construction with Romtec

Prefabricated Log Cabin on Concrete Slab

Romtec Prefabricated and Site-Built Cabins

Rustic Log Post Pavilion

The Romtec Photo Galleries

Robust Storm Shelter

New Romtec Product: Storm Shelters

Custom Brick Restroom in Park

Window and Skylight Options from Romtec

Retail Building with Custom Exterior

New Romtec Product: Lodges and Retail Buildings

Accessible Single Pitch Restroom

Project Update: Rotary PlayGarden Restroom Building

Cost Effective Steel Post and Fabric Amphitheater

New Romtec Product: Amphitheaters and Stages

Restroom with Curved Metal Roof

Happy Thanksgiving from Romtec!

Four Post Timber Pavilion with Metal Roof

Project Update: Toketee Campground Pavilion Completed

Nautical Theme Pavilion on Resevoir

Romtec Woodshop Manufacturing Advantages

Gatehouse Controlling Entry to Park

New Romtec Product: Gatehouses and Guardhouses

Community Building with Pool

New Romtec Product: Community Buildings

Restroom Matching Historical Building

Alpine Historical Park in Sutton-Alpine, Alaska

Corrugated Metal Roofing

Vendor Spotlight: Metcraft Industries

Affordable Concrete Restroom with Storage

Project Update: Hidden Valley Park Completed

Matching Buildings in Theme Park

Specialized Design for Theme Parks

Eco-Friendly Solar Panels

Environmentally Friendly Restroom Options

Door Being Installed

Repairing and Remodeling Existing Buildings

Campground Building Installation

Romtec Website Adds Construction

Rest Area in Arid Climate

New Mexico Department of Transportation Rest Areas

Large Log Post Pavilion by River

Featured Project: South Mountain Recreation Complex

Five Room Boat Launch Restroom

Enjoy Summer More with Solar Power Options

Unique Waterless Restroom in New Park

Silver Park Flyover in Missoula

Multi-User Playground Restroom

Sports Park Restroom Buildings

The Front of the UCLA Stunt Ranch Center

Preview Romtec’s New Building Designs

Convenient Turnkey Service From Romtec

Romtec Construction & Turnkey Services

Romtec Log Cabin with Dog

Romtec’s New Vacation Cabins

Large Landmark Octagon Restroom

Special Restroom Features for Sports Parks

Concrete Restroom with Metal Roof

Integrating Electrical and Irrigation Controls into a New Restroom

Memorial Restroom

Get Help with a Bid Specification Proposal

Romtec Sidewalks and Paths

Sidewalks and Paths with Romtec Installation

Rest Area Restroom with Dedicated Private Rooms

Get a Building for Any Application with Romtec

Two Doors with Kick Guards

Complete Door Options from Romtec

Gatehouse with Heat and Ventilation Control

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Considerations

Engineered Stone Exterior

Stone Options for Romtec Buildings

Porcelain Toilet in Restroom with Tile Walls

Getting the Best Interior Surfaces in a Romtec Building

Concrete Waterless Restroom with Two Rooms

Successfully Sustaining the Coronado National Forest

Waterless Restroom Entrances

Project Spotlight: UCLA Stunt Ranch

Shower Restroom with Wing Walls

Options for Privacy Walls

External Shower on Beach

Restroom-Shower Building Options

Timber Post Pavilion and Restroom

Exterior Siding Options from Romtec

Romtec Woodshop

The Romtec Woodshop Renovation is Complete

Sidewalk Restroom

Romtec, Inc., City of Portland reach agreement

Hidden Valley Park Sign

Project Spotlight: City of Martinez

Single Pitch Park Pavilion

Romtec’s Pavilions & Shelters

Information Kiosk with Windows

Windows and Skylights on Romtec Buildings

Locally Themed Concession Window

Why You Should Consider Stucco

Custom Color Scheme on Unique Building

Romtec’s Complete Color Palette

Beach Pavilion with Log Post

Log Structures and Additions with Romtec

Waterless Restroom with Snow

Winter Building Features for Restrooms

Matching Buildings in a Park Setting

Bend Parks: Cultured for Success

Custom Metal Fabrication

A New Splash Pad Restroom in Rancho Cordova

Mechanical Room in Restroom

Lighting and Electrical Supplies and Services

Maintenance Room with Utility Sink

Mechanical and Storage Rooms from Romtec

Romtec Wood Shop on Fire

Fire at Romtec

Secure Metal Cage on Lights

Romtec Security and Safety Options

Timber Post Pavilion at with Covered Area

Iowa DNR Restroom Design Standards

Board and Batten Exterior on Restroom

Livermore Area Recreation & Park District (LARPD)

Romtec Timber Picnic Table

New Accessories from Romtec

Thermally Insulated Panel

Romtec’s Eco-Friendly Buildings

Compact Cabana on the Beach

The Comfort of Cabanas

Restroom Facility with Splash Pad

Romtec’s Splash Pad Restrooms

Five Room Boat Launch Restroom

A New Green Restroom Building

Poly Toilet Riser Being Packed by Mule

Back Country Waterless Restroom

SST Waterless Restroom Utilizing Wind

Sweet Smelling Technology

Skatepark Restroom and Ticket Counter

Successful Urban Restroom Design

Log Post Pavilion in Park

Tongue and Groove Roofing

Porcelain Sinks in Restroom Interior

Desirable Plumbing Fixtures

Good Looking Cedar Concession Restroom

Concession Stands and Multipurpose Facilities

Featured Image National Recreation and Park Association

Industry Trend for Parks and Recreation

Log Post Structure

Choosing the Right Roofing Material: Pros and Cons

Steep Post Pavilion On Campground Site

Campground Restrooms and Structures

Dramatic Pitch Roof on Restroom

Romtec Porches and Roof Extensions

Charming SST Prefabricated Vault Toilet

SST® Waterless Restrooms

Floor Plan for Large Concession Restroom

Restroom Design and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Concrete Masonry Unit Blocks on Building

More Than Public Restrooms

Crane Placing a Sidewalk Restroom

Advantages of Set-in-place Installation

Open Space on Sidewalk Restroom

The Sidewalk Restroom AD-vantage

Curved louvers on the Sidewalk Restroom

A Louver of Design

Cost Effective Single Pitch Roof

Shed Style Roofs

Custom Brick Restroom in Park

Advantages of the Brick House

Convenient City Restroom on Sidewalk

The Sidewalk Restroom

Finished Log Post Pavilion

Brush Creek Pavilion

Pavilion with Stone Footers

Susan Creek Pavilion

Concession Restroom with Extended Roof

Pavilion Installation Begins at Susan Creek

Pair of Waterless Restrooms and Showers

Romtec’s New Modular Restrooms

Several Buildings From Romtec

Laughlin Restrooms and Lift Stations

via DonkeyHotey

Romtec’s Green Products for LEED Certification

SST Waterless Restroom in Remote Park

Single User Restrooms