Mountain Modern Design Exterior

Mountain Modern Design

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Romtec continues to “push the envelope” with new designs for park and recreation restroom buildings with our design experts and construction team.

Romtec has come up with three new designs called Mountain Modern, Rocky Mountain, and New Rustic that provide an appealing look and style that is different than anything we have created before. These designs come from our curiosity to create a building that considers the location, the function it will serve, and the feeling that is to be achieved all in a safe and modern environment.

The Mountain Modern exterior design features a variety of edges, straight lines, and all the high-quality finishes that make a building stand out. The exterior is a combination of CMU block, metal siding shiplap, and snap batten siding that provides a modern finish.

This inviting new design is a great way to make a park and recreation space more appealing in natural areas like lakes, forests, mountainous regions, pools, or splash pads.

Mountain Modern Design Exterior
Mountain Modern Design restroom stall

Designs For the Modern-Day Park System

Romtec continues to create unique designs to meet clients’ needs when it comes to new looks or modern styles of park and recreation buildings.

We are able to offer more than what is listed on the product options list. Romtec uses new products on a regular basis to provide the best accessories in our restroom buildings.

Along with these considerations, we have continued to be open to different construction methods that will produce what our customers want. At Romtec we offer ‘turnkey’ services where we also construct the new building or replacement structure along with the design and supply.

Our experienced Romtec construction team provides flexible options when installing our buildings to allow for quick timelines. Our ‘turnkey’ services can handle construction, demolition, site preparation, along with building retaining walls or sidewalks.

Ultimately, we want our designs to provide a complete form and function for all users of the building. That means that the interior and the exterior are both important to the overall performance of the structure.

The maintenance personnel, the user of the building, the patron of the site, the owner, the city and the community are all going to be considered in the design for the best solution.

New Design Features

When it comes to our new designs there are some subtle differences in regard to the features. Here are the features of each style listed below:

Mountain Modern
  • Single slope or Flat roof
  • Thicker (Fascia) roof lines
  • Boxy or square features
  • Structural components using steel or the use of cables
  • Square stone or tile siding accents
  • Fenestrations & Roofing are typically darker colors (Black or Dark Grey)
Rocky Mountain
  • Single slope roof / multiple roof levels
  • Horizontal siding
  • Round stone accents
  • Structural components using timber columns, rafters, knees braces & lintels
  • Wood is as used for ceiling finishes (T&G), fascia and trims
  • Wood typically used or finished with more yellow tones
  • Fenestrations & Roofing are typically darker colors (Black or Dark Grey)
New Rustic
  • Gable roof line
  • Similar color scheme nothing drastic
  • Wood darker finish (dark brown)
  • Rusty metal siding
  • Fenestrations & Roofing are typically brownish colors (Dark brown, Rusty or maybe red)
2nd Mountain Modern Design Exterior
2nd Mountain Modern Design restroom stall


Our technical design team came up with these new designs to provide a new style that meets the needs of everyone using these buildings. Not only are they modern and appealing, but they also provide all the amenities and features that Romtec has become known for.

The Romtec design, supply, and building background has allowed us to come up with new ideas for the future look of park and recreation buildings that we want to share with all of you. Contact us today to learn more about these unique new designs at


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