Custom Color Scheme

Romtec’s Complete Color Palette

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Custom Color Scheme

Romtec offers all of the colors you need to create a unique building that will meet your design specifications. Adding colors to a building is a great way to develop the theme of a park, create visual interest, or match existing structures or buildings. Romtec can paint your building in many different ways to match the style and aesthetics valuable to your project.

Matching Pavilion and Restroom Building at College

Painting distinct building features is one way that Romtec can use color on a building, like the above photo from Portland Community College in Oregon. Prominent features of a building that often get painted in unique colors are the siding, doors, posts or beams, vents, fascia, and the roof (when metal roofing is used). These features can be painted or powder coated to match each other or to combine into an overall color scheme.

Unique Color on Single Pitch Restroom

The building in the photo above was designed for the Children’s Museum in Santa Rosa, CA. This project involved the construction of the new museum building complete with new buildings, interactive features, and a large garden area that includes this restroom building. The purple color accent was an important design aspect not only for the restroom but for the entire museum.

Custom Colored Roof on Restroom

Romtec uses a wide variety of vendors for building components, meaning that there are a lot of color options available. The photo above shows steel roofing with a “metallic copper” finish offered by the roofing vendor. Sometimes, however, these options don’t meet the exact standards of our customer. That is why Romtec operates our own, in-house paint shop. This facility allows us to provide any color required by our customer, even if it’s not offered through our vendors.

Brick Patterned Building with Custom Design

Applying colors to your building or structure is a great way to enhance the appearance of your park or facility. With Romtec, you can be sure that your building will get the right color to accomplish your goals. If you are interested in learning more about getting colors on a Romtec building or structure, contact us today to see how we can help!

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