Steep Pitch Roof on Waterless Restroom

Weather Resistant Structures and Materials

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A simple fact is that weather can’t be controlled or restrained, which makes it important to design a structure that is resistant to weather and will be able to withstand events such as fires, snow, high winds, or storms. Designing a resistant and reliable structure ensures that it can withstand harsh weather and stand to be enjoyed on more temperate days.

Romtec has designed structures for all over the nation, from west coast to east. We have experience building structures for all types of weather concerns, and have been able to meet the wide variety of local codes that can be found in districts across the country.

Many of our structures utilize hardy materials that are resistant to most weather-related concerns, regardless of the area. These materials are durable, provide an attractive building, and allow our customers to meet both their needs and their aesthetic.

Metal roofing, for instance, is a standard option on Romtec structures and is resistant to wind, rain, and fire. The roofing can be installed on structures with a variety of pitches and slopes, and is available in a number of colors and finishes for our customers’ design preferences.

Steep Pitch Roof on Waterless Restroom

In addition to metal roofing, Romtec doors and door frames are metal, and typically primed to be painted onsite. The metal doors are a sturdy option to keep destructive forces such as wind and fire out of the restroom. Additionally, they are a great option for added security of the building.

Block, another hardy material, is frequently used on Romtec structures. Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) blocks are mortar joint to compose the walls of many Romtec supplied buildings. The CMU blocks can come in a variety of shades, and can be painted or combined with other shades to provide a custom look for a structure. Most importantly, the concrete blocks are incredibly durable and resistant to weather, both everyday weather and more intense storms.

While being naturally resistant to weather and damage, metal roofing, metal doors and door frames, and block can all be coated to further protect against weather damage. For instance, an IKO Stormshield Coating can be applied for extra protection from rain and ice. Powdercoating is also an option for metal components such as doors and doorframes for resistance to damage, and it allows for customization of the structure with upgraded color options.

These materials are options that are meant to be resistant to a wide range of weather concerns, but Romtec can also address area specific concerns such as fire, snow, and flooding.

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Particularly in recent years, wildfires and their spread have caused an incredible amount of damage as the flames come into contact with houses and city structures. As a result, many counties have passed legislature requiring that new structures utilize fire resistant materials to limit the spread and damage that a fire can do.

Romtec has supplied numerous structures with fire resistant features to meet the updated requirements of our customers. Block, metal doors, and metal roofing will all be resistant to fire. For structures such as wooden pavilions that do not have any block or doors in them, Romtec has experience in supplying fire resistant treated wood. FRX treatment, like the treatment used in the Pine Valley County Park project, can be applied to logs and wood to increase the fire resistance.

Like fire resistance, some districts around the nation have their own requirements for snow loads. These loads are the minimum that the building will need to resist in order to be structurally safe. They are particularly a concern when you get into mountain territories or high elevations.

Snow can easily gather on rooftops, adding excess weight to the structure. To prevent the snow from accumulating and raising the load, buildings can be designed with steep roof slopes. While this protects the structure, it does not protect any guests walking below that would be hit with snow coming off of the roof. To combat this, snow guards can be installed along the edge of the roof to stop large chunks of snow and ice from falling together.

While snow is a problem in higher elevations, a concern in lower lying areas is flooding. Flooding can be caused by a variety of factors such as storms, excess rain, rapid melting of snow, and more. The risk of flood is increased the closer a location is to a body of water and, with many cities along rivers, is a factor that should be discussed during the design of a structure.

To protect against flooding, a couple measures can be taken. For instance, buildings can use a “flow through” design that allows water to enter the building to equalize the pressure on the structure during flooding. This design is common in floodplains and anticipates that a structure will be flooded.

For protection against flooding, Romtec also offers a “Flood-Proof” design with a product called EZ Dam Flood barriers that can be installed on the doors of a structure. They work in conjunction with door louvers for ventilation instead of the standard wall louvers. The dams are barriers that can manually latch into jambs installed at entrances to prevent water from getting inside the building through the louvers.

Romtec has supplied EZ Dams on projects near rivers, such as the Island Park Project in Springfield, Oregon. Island Park is not only next to a large river, but also features a creek running through it that effectively makes the park an island, increasing the flood risk. The Romtec supplied structure with the EZ Dams on this project was inspected and certified as flood proof by an independent land surveyor and an independent engineer.

Designing a weather resistant structure is the best way to ensure a building’s longevity, and with years of experience, Romtec is here to help. Our experience with weather conditions nationwide has given us the knowledge and the expertise to design a building that meets local codes and provides a safe and reliable structure for our customers. From single elements to a stormy combination, Romtec can design a building that will resist these problems.

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