Large Timber Post Pavilion

Beat the Heat with Pavilions and Shelters

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It’s the peak of summer, and people across the country are enjoying many of the outdoor recreation opportunities across the country. At parks and campgrounds, one feature that you are likely to see is a pavilion or shelter structure. Romtec designs and supplies pavilions every day, and we understand that enjoying the summer weather often involves avoiding the heat. Pavilions provide relaxing and shaded locations for recreationists, but they also serve as important icons of parks and other outdoor recreation sites. Here are some of the pavilion options you can get from Romtec.

Large Timber Post Pavilion

Construction Materials for Your Custom Pavilion

Romtec designs, fabricates, and supplies pavilions made from logs, dimensional lumber posts, and metal beams. These construction materials offer many different benefits, from durability to appearance. Romtec can also design pavilions and shelters with different roofing materials, such as metal roofing, composition shingle roofing, or cedar shake roofing. The construction and roofing materials can be combined in many different ways to affect the cost and style of the structure. No matter what materials you select, your pavilion, shelter, or cabana will look great and keep your visitors cool.

Timber Post Pavilion with Stone Wrapped Columns

Other Shade Structure Options: Kiosks, Cabanas and More

In addition to choosing your preferred construction materials, Romtec offers many different pavilion and shelter models. On the small end, you can get a kiosk or a simple shade structure or even simple 4-post cabanas. On the large end, you can get full-sized pavilions as large as you need with standard models available up to a 35’ x 40’ floorplan. Of course, Romtec can design pavilions and shelters of any size you want. Romtec also designs custom pavilion floorplans in circular shapes, polygonal shapes, and any other preferred style.


Pavilion Accessories

There are many special options available for pavilions and shelters, such as benches, handrails, chimneys, and stages. Romtec can design and supply the complete packaged pavilion with any design options required. Pavilions and shelters can also be added to new and existing building projects. These can be included as a matching structure or as a covered roof extension on building with concession windows or vendors.

Timber Pavilion with Stone Column Wrap

Using Romtec’s complete design options, you can get the perfect pavilion or shelter at you park to help your visitors stay cool in the summer months (and dry during the rest of the year). Check out our photo gallery to see photos of pavilions and other Romtec buildings with shade structures and weather protection options.

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