Compact Beach Gazebo Providing Shade

Restrooms, Pavilions, and Cabanas – Polk City, IA

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Multi User Restroom with Concrete Shake Siding
Large Timber Post Pavilion on Beach
Wood Pavilion Interior Roofing
Compact Beach Gazebo Providing Shade

The Project

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) needed to renovate Big Creek State Park in Polk City to improve its aging sewer lines, concrete paths, and restroom buildings. In addition to replacing the existing structures, the DNR wanted increase the public facilities and beach access at the park by installing new pavilions and beachside cabanas. This project was also one of the first projects where the DNR was using newly created design standards for its restroom buildings.

The scope of the new buildings being developed was a substantial project that consisted of 15 total structures. Additionally, the work for the new structures needed to fit in a schedule with the other park renovations, such as boat ramp extensions and sanitary sewer replacements. Romtec worked with the Iowa DNR and the awarded contractor, Lansink Construction, to design, manufacture, and supply all 15 structures in an approved order and timeframe.

The Solution

Designing the building solutions for this project began by evaluating Romtec’s pre-engineered structures. Each structure was presented to the DNR with preliminary designs and preliminary budgetary numbers. These documents were used to help design the complete structures per the Iowa DNR design standards. In total, the structures comprised 3 multi-user restroom buildings, 3 large timber pavilions, and 9 beachside cabanas.

The three restroom buildings were designed with aesthetic and functional considerations. To enhance the appearance of the structures, these large ADA restrooms include hardy shake siding, stylish concrete ADA drinking fountains, and timber-post roof extensions over the restroom entrances. The siding on the restrooms is made of a durable concrete material that looks like painted cedar shakes. The siding and timber posts on the roof extension create stylish design elements that complement an existing equipment rental/concessions building.

Three large pavilions provide ample space for park guests to relax, dine, or set aside belongings. These structures create iconic features of the park much like a large, existing timber playground structure. Concrete block column footers were included in the pavilion designs to match the new restrooms and the existing concession building, which include an exposed two-foot concrete base to protect against high water.

In addition to these large structures, Romtec provided nine beachside cabanas. These smaller shelters offer a more personal setting to enjoy the beach at Big Creek State Park in Polk City. Like the pavilions, the cabanas include timber posts with concrete block column footers. Providing these shelters offers comfortable access to the beach for a wider variety of visitors. By including the cabanas and pavilions, the Iowa DNR drastically increased the amount of shelters at Big Creek State Park, providing iconic and accessible facilities.

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